Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Bro's Cajun Cuisine

Nashville Restaurants
Bro’s Cajun Cuisine
3214 Charlotte Ave.
(615) 329-2626
Monday-Thursday Lunch only
Friday open until 8pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday

There’s something about a New Orleans lunch joint. It’s a friendly bustle of smiling faces and plates of steaming food. Everyone sits elbow to elbow, because there never seems to be enough room. Places like Johnny’s and Mother’s come to mind.

Bro’s Cajun Cuisine seems like it was picked up, brick for brick, out of the French Quarter and plunked down on Charlotte Avenue. Owner Darrell Breaux, dressed in his chef’s whites, cracks a joke at the door while you wait for a table. They have three rooms and every seat is filled. You can see the heaping plates of red beans and rice, flying out of the kitchen, which takes up half the dining room and is open for all to see. It gives you a peak at the fine ballet the cooks and wait staff stage each day, all perfectly synchronized, reaching around and over each other for a scoop of gumbo or a plate of white rice.

Bro’s feels like New Orleans and the customers have responded. The Friday lunch hour is mad house. Friday also means fish. The Bro’s Cajun Catfish features thick filets, fried crisp, with a zing in the batter. Many people order the plate special, taking the catfish, with sides, which include Cajun specialties and southern favorites like pinto beans, fried okra, turnip beans and make and cheese.

One big measure of a New Orleans lunch joint is the Po-Boy. The bread is important and Bro’s has a good supplier. The crust is thin and crisp and cracks to reveal fluffy white bread. The catfish version I ordered came well dressed. It’s a sandwich that could hold up to any in the crescent city.

The home made potato chips are fried right, with just enough crunch and chew. I need to go back to hit the Gumbo, Etoufee and Jambalaya. The Boudin is also a specialty.

Loyal customers have followed Bro’s for several years now from location to location all over Nashville and it seems for good reason. If they can manage some weekend hours, I’ll take the Veggie Eater along and let you know what she thinks.

Meat Eater: Definitely my favorite Cajun place in Nashville for the food and the atmosphere.
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mIKES said...

Made it over here finally - I'm still on my Boudin kick. The links here were hot - like so hot it took 5 minutes to cool down enough to eat. It was OK, not remarkable, the casing a little tough and a bit bland (too hot to taste?). I have to go back 1 or 2 more times to be fair though.