Wednesday, July 25, 2007

PM Restaurant

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PM Restaurant
2017 Belmont Blvd.

A big menu is also a big responsibility for a restaurant. Can you turn out salads, sushi, Thai food, Asian fusion and even a great burger all on the same night? We can’t answer for everything on the menu, but PM restaurant in the Belmont area was right on target with our items on a recent Friday night. Best of all the food is quite affordable and there’s a funky, laid back atmosphere to the place.

We started with the Peanut Sauce Fondue, which comes with pieces of focaccia and crispy tofu for dipping. The peanut sauce was savory and worked well with the light, fluffy bread and the perfectly fried tofu.

For main dishes the Meat Eater succumbed to hype and ordered the popular Char-Grilled Burger with wasabi mayo. It lived up the reputation for being a truly great burger, but did make the Meat Eater feel guilty for not being more adventurous.

Veggie Eater: I was pleasantly surprised by PM. We had ventured here about a year ago for cocktails, and had not returned for dinner. Something about that visit made me think it was fussy, and so we never got around to going back until this weekend. I’m glad we finally did. I had the Moo Shu vegetables and it was phenomenal: little julienned fresh veggies, including fresh shitakes; a homemade soy ginger sauce instead of gloppy, syrupy hoison; and most amazing, home made Moo Shu pancakes/crepes that were fluffy with little scallions immersed inside the crepes. There were many other items for the vegetarian to try, and I promise I will return to sample some more.

Meat Eater: We had two beers, an appetizer and two entrees for a total of $36 including tax and tip. For food this good, that’s a steal.
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Lannae said...

I am so glad you went back to PM and found out it wasn't fussy. It is not at all snooty, and every time I have been there, the wait staff has been really nice and welcoming (with an occasional disorganized moment). The food, it is always just better than it needs to be. I agree, the burger is good - a well made burger. I usually get the spicy tamarind wings app, and again, surprisingly good. I love the peanut fondue too, and again, surprisingly good. It has been a pattern of surprisingly good. Because they are open really late, and have such a variety of foods, it is on my list for days I am late home, don't want to cook, and looking for a dish that won't break the bank.

Eric and Katie said...

We need to get back and try more those tamarind wings. It's such a big menu I imagine we could keep sampling for years...

Lesley said...

Agreed that the peanut fondue is a must for anyone, particularly vegetarians. Also, the tempura asparagus roll from the sushi bar is really yummy. I've never had anything there I didn't love.

jpireland said...

I don't know if this is the right place for this, but FYI:

There are 2 new restaurants in Berry Hill. The Pfunky Griddle on the corner of Iris and Bransford, and an Italian joint in the old Mothership BBQ location.

Eric and Katie said...

Lesley...that's a great thing about that huge menu..they do have a bunch of veggie options. Katie hates being stuck with one or two choices at a restaurant. Jpireland...thanks for the tips. I'd heard about the Pfunky Griddle, but not the Italian place....have you been yet? We're always on the prowl for good Italian places...esepcially laid back joints. I think we were some of the few folks that loved the former Ricci's in East Nashville. It's nice to have a cozy spot for decent inexpensive pasta.

Lannae said...

We drove by the Italian place, I think it is called Italian Food Company, and it was not open at 8 pm on Friday night. We were gonna try it for dinner, but we moved on to House of Kabob (a standard favorite of ours) The Italian place may be only a lunch place, or a day time store front, or not open yet.

Anonymous said...

I think the new Italian place you are talking about is called Pranzo Jersey Italian Take-out. I believe they are only open for lunch. We ate there last week and it was incredible. Prices were fantastic. As time goes by they may extended their hours.