Friday, October 5, 2007

Arnold's Country Kitchen

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Arnold's Country Kitchen
605 Eighth Ave S


There are plenty of Meat and Three joints in Nashville. Arnold’s Country Kitchen sits on top for one big reason: quality. They put quality into every dish on the menu. Everything is exquisitely seasoned. You won’t even have to think about reaching for the salt and pepper. It’s Meat and Three done right.

You can tell how good the place is by the line. I arrived at 11am and found a short line. By 11:15am it was quite busy and tables were filling up. When I left at 11:30am it was starting to get a little crazy. It’s always like that and that’s okay. The line moves quickly and the staff is full of smiles. This is one Nashville institution that doesn’t rest on any laurels.

Arnold’s has a lunch line service that’s really hard to choose from, since everything looks so good. The roast beef has a peppery crust and au jus gravy that is just about perfect. In the squash casserole the squash gets to do the talking. It’s lighter than the usual southern standard, a little sweet with onions for tang. The mac and cheese is thick and rich and has a peppery kick to it. I also sampled stewed okra, tomatoes and onions. Combined with corn bread muffins it’s a great lunch start to finish. I didn’t leave a thing on my plate and sopped up every last bit with more cornbread. I would have liked to find the room to sample the chicken, pork chops and ribs on the menu; however that will have to wait until another day.

They do offer a four item veggie plate for $5.82. Given the sides I had I’d say most vegetarians would be pretty happy here. Aside from the items mentioned above you can also get mashed potatoes and green beans.

The only downside to any of this is the hours. Arnold’s is a lunch spot and that means they are only open from 10:30am-2:45pm Monday through Friday. I paid $8.89 with tax for the Meat and Three and a big old lemonade.

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Lannae said...

Meat and 3s, Arnold's seems to be a favorite among many co-workers who were raised in the south. I think they think the food is similar to their home cooking. Does Arnold's boil and bake all their food?

Since I am not from the South, I do not totally "get" the Meat and 3s, but I respect their regional uniqueness. At a few Meat and 3s, it seems more like school food, and it seems like canned or pre-made Sysco food. I wonder what percentage of food is made from base ingredients at Meat and 3s.

Eric and Katie said...

That's the thing...Arnold's isn't a boil and bake type place. It's just really good food...and it seems to be fresh ingredient based. That roast beef would hold up to anything you'd get at a fancy restaurant and there's a delicate touch to some of the dishes that's rare for a meat and three. If you don't usually do meat and threes you should check it out.