Thursday, October 18, 2007

Knockout Wings

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Knockout Wings
1300 Jefferson Street

Knockout Wings knows how to turn out big orders. I arrived at 11:30am one weekday to find one person picking up an order for ten and another person picking up an order for 15 people. The Jefferson Street restaurant has a loyal following, including Fisk and TSU students. The owner is a TSU grad, so he knows what the college kids crave. They offer wings in Mild, Hot, BBQ, Cajun and something called Country Sauce. Whenever I try a new wings place I get mild to test the waters and get a better taste of the chicken. Knockout mild sauce is a buffalo style hot sauce that still has a nice kick and flavor. The wings themselves are meaty and fairly moist. I had my order to go and that meant a 20 minute drive home. They still tasted plenty good, but I suspect they are so much better right out of the sauce. Next time I’ll try the Country Sauce to see if it is a little more creative.

Everyone mentions the Honey Biscuits that come with wings and for good reason. They are a bit of biscuit heaven, almost as dense as cake, and still fluffy despite the honey glaze. Knockout also offers chicken tenders, Cajun chicken sandwiches, salads, cheese sticks, fish and burgers. It’s the kind of menu that could keep college kids happy for quite some time.

The prices are definitely right for the college student. I paid just $5.40 including tax for eight meaty wings and one of those awesome Honey Biscuits. Sandwiches are just four bucks or less and you can get more biscuits on the side for fifty cents a piece.

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BP said...

Yeah, I like this place pretty well. The wings are alright and the staff is usually really friendly.

If someone asked me what place serves the best wings in Nashville, though, I don't know what I would answer. It used to be the Sutler, in my opinion, but regrettably the Sutler is no longer with us. I don't know. Mojo Grill's wings are pretty good, Wing Basket is pretty good. I honestly think the wings at Toot's out in Murfreesboro might be the best. And the smoked wings at the Slick Pig in M'boro are good, too, if you're into that sort of thing.

Eric and Katie said...

I need to make it out to a Toots. I've heard good things. I hate to go chain, but I have to say my favorite place for wings is BW-3 in Madison. They have a wide variety of sauces and they are almost always cooked perfectly. I never had a chance to try the Sutler. For really meaty wings Piranha's on second avenue downtown and the Scoreboard near Opryland are pretty darn good as well. I need to try Mojo and Wing Basket. So many wings, so little time!

Lannae said...

If I had to pick 1 style of food to eat from here on out, it would have to be bar food including wings of all flavors. I have not found a really good wing here, and basically have given up. I think I should try KO Wings because a co-worker gets her wings from there, and only there.

Anonymous said...

I agree about Piranha's wings for the meatiness and interesting flavors. There is a place off of Charlotte, near 46th (one of the side streets there) that I think is called Billie's?? It kinda looks like a trailer but they have a sign that says they have the best wings. We tried them once and they were pretty good. Crispy but not breaded, which I really like. McCabe has moments of great wings, but they have also been mediocre lots of times too.

Anonymous said...

KO wings are the BEST wings in Nashville hands down!!! And the fries and biscuits are great too!! I get my wings and my fries fried extra hard (or crunchy) the SWEET TEA is amazing, no one has mentioned it here,but ya gotta try it!