Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mary’s Old Fashioned Pit Bar-B-Que

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Mary’s Old Fashioned Pit Bar-B-Que
1108 Jefferson Street

Mary’s Old Fashioned Pit Bar-B-Que has been catering to lunch crowds and late night diners for years. The Jefferson Street joint keeps some amazing hours: 8am to midnight during the week and until 2am on the weekend. It used to be take-out only. Recently they expanded with indoor seating. Barbecue places tend to inspire fierce loyalty and criticism. Mary’s has experienced both. I think I’ll come down squarely in the middle on this one.

I’ve eaten at Mary’s several times. I started with the regular rib sandwich, which is a sizeable quarter slab on two pieces of white bread. The ribs are a bit chewy, a bit moist and with a nice flavor. They’re not the ribs of my dreams but I’d put them up against a lot of places in town. Mary’s is known for the pork shoulder on corncakes. You can choose between mild, sweet and hot sauce. The mild sauce has plenty of kick and I’m told the hot will really wake you up. I originally asked for the sweet, creamy cole slaw on the side. I took a couple of bites of my sandwich and quickly put the slaw on top where it belongs. The pork is pretty much straight, no smoke or spice. It’s moist enough, but you need the sauce to jazz it up. The same goes with the entire sandwich. I needed the slaw on top to really get it going. It’s not the best pork shoulder in town by any means. It is a fine lunch.

You can get rib tips, a full slab, polish sausage, fish and chicken. I know some people swear by the Mary’s chicken. That will be a good reason for another trip. I paid $5.50 including tax for the sandwich. The ribs run about $9 for the regular rib sandwich and $20 for the full slab.

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