Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Castrillo’s Pizza

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Castrillo’s Pizza
1404 McGavock Pike

Every neighborhood should have a good pizza joint. That means a place that is not a chain. It means pizza with a unique style and a couple of other specialties to boot. A friend who lives in Inglewood tipped us off to Castrillo’s a while back and this has been the first time we’ve had a chance to check it out. Castrillo’s is located at McGavock near Riverside. They have a fairly large dining room, but on a recent Friday it was the take-out business which kept the phone ringing off the hook. This neighborhood really appreciates their pizza joint.

And for good reason: Castrillo’s serves decent pizza. The crust can come in thick or thin. We ordered thick and it is really more like the normal crust at most places, a bit doughy but with a crisp brown bottom. Castrillo’s kicks it up in the flavor department with lots of garlic and butter on the crust. We ordered the Magnificent Greek, which comes with feta, spinach, olives, more garlic and no sauce. It’s a good za. Next time the meat eater needs to branch out to sample the Bird (chicken and turkey) Flamethrower (peppers, pepperoni and Italian sausage) or the Hawaiian (bacon, ham, pineapple).

We also got a stromboli, which is a cousin of the calzone, but without the ricotta cheese. The vegetarian was good, loaded up with mushrooms, onion, olives, banana peppers and green peppers. There was nothing amazing about the crust. Still, it’s really nice to see a Nashville pizza place serving strombolis. They also have standard sub varieties, wings, pasta dishes, bread sticks and cheese bread.

Veggie Eater: I’m more of a New York style pizza girl and found both the pizza and the Stromboli to be too doughy. Our marriage has withstood an ongoing conflict for years; he likes Chicago style pizzas and I want mine on a paper thin crust. Crust can be crisp or floppy, but it must be thin. I don’t want all of that bread to get in the way of the other ingredients. The spinach on the Greek pizza was great; thick with garlic. I’ll try again, order a small just for myself, and sample the thin crust to see if I like it better.

Meat Eater: Ah, what I wouldn’t give for a Boston pizza joint with real Boston steak and cheese. Lannae did tip us off to a place that comes close on the pizza end. That will be our next pizza stop down the road. We spent $25 with tax and two drinks at Castrillo’s. Publish a comment if you have a favorite neighborhood pizza joint you think we should try.

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Lesley said...

I'm a New York Style kind of gal myself. I wish the House of Pizza guys would open a location somewhere in West Nashville (somewhere with ample parking that is easy to get in and out of, that is).

Vol State said...

Despite what the veggie eater says I really like a thin, wide slice myself. I'd rather do that or go completely thick crust, like a Chicago style. In between is where it gets weird. Yes, House of Pizza needs to expand and I need to get back there soon. Also, there's a new place in thr Arcade that the Bites blog has been talking about called Phillyman or something. It's apparently a steak and cheese joint with cool sandwiches. great thing about that is the Veggie Eater can get pizza or a calzone from Manny's and I can check out the steak and cheese, all inside the arcade!

Eric and Katie said...

Sorry, Vol State is also Eric from Eric and Katie...I really have too many blogs.

Lannae said...

My favorite pizza place is Pino's Pizza at the last stop of the Green C line in Cleveland Circle Brighton, near Boston College. The place has not changed in 30 years.

Oh, you want places for za in Nashville. I love House of Pizza downtown in the Arcade, and Joey's House of Pizza in Brentwood. Joey's kids have picked up a lot of the work at his joint these days, and I think they are doing a fine job! The daughter, she is hard working like Joey, and has the sweet Brooklyn demeanor of her mom. She also makes a mean pizza!

Tell me how Phillyman is! I hope it is good! I worked in Phila for 10 years, and I know the cheesesteak is all about the bread and the wiz. Amoroso's bread was the bread of choice at many of the Phila cheesesteak joints. I wonder if they can get in some good bread.

Paul Nicholson said...

we love Castrillo's. for a while we ordered it once a week or more. hum... good stuff. even the "boring" stuff is great. Pepperoni pizza is awesome and cheese bread is perfect for my taste (i'm a bread lover)

Jay said...

Dolce Vita, next to the Melrose Kroger, is surprisingly good.

Any place to get Chicago style pizza near downtown?