Friday, May 25, 2007

Bad Ideas in Marketing: Flood

Bad Ideas in Marketing

Part Four

You may have seen the artist renderings of the Signature Tower building in Nashville. The pictures used on the company web site provide an interesting, and believable, look at how the building will appear on the Nashville skyline. Yesterday, I was thumbing through my wife’s June copy of Gourmet magazine, when I noticed this ad for the Signature Tower on page 111. At first I just thought that it was interesting that they are taking the sales effort to a regional or even national audience (many magazines publish regional editions to allow for regional advertising). Then I noticed the river. It seems quite high. In fact, if you know Nashville, it seems dangerously high. About 39 feet high, and just short of flood stage according to the National Weather Service web site. Some graphic design team decided that the real Cumberland isn’t pretty enough, so they give us the “enhanced” Cumberland. It’s kind of like super models, I guess. If you see any parts that are not big enough, feel free to alter things in Photoshop. My wife didn’t see it as any big deal, but I can’t help but think it’s another Bad Idea in Marketing. I guess my point is that if you are trying to sell a condo in a real city, than show the real city. We have nothing to be ashamed about. I can’t imagine the artists who were involved in the fine web site work were involved in this ad. In fact, I don’t know if you can see it in my admittedly poor photos, but there are light poles sticking out of the water, as if the river is actually flooding. And hey if it did, who wouldn’t want to be in the tallest building in Nashville?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bad Ideas in Marketing

Bad Ideas in Marketing

Part three

I have checked and I don't think this sign fell down this way. So, that begs the question...why is it upside down? The business doesn't exist anymore. Maybe this was their way of saying goodbye? Or perhaps it was intended to make people look, kind of like an upside down newspaper ad. Either way, it seems like another Bad Idea in Marketing.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bad ideas in marketing: Riding Moors

Bad Ideas in Marketing

Part Two

This is either one of Nashville's best hidden tourist attractions or another bad idea in marketing.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Bad Ideas in Marketing: No pizza here

Bad Ideas in Marketing
Part One
Ed's Fish and Pizza House has several signs featuring their name. Which may be one reason they don't want to change their name, despite the fact that they don't serve pizza anymore, a fact of which the nice chef spinning the pizza is happy to inform us. At first glance this seems like a Bad Idea in Marketing, however the more I think about it I could be wrong. My wife and I giggle about the spinning pizza guy every time we go past. Perhaps the folks at Ed's are operating on a different marketing plane. It's the made you look effect. In all fairness to Ed's I hear they have a great fish sandwich. I'll try and post a review soon. Just don't expect anything about the pizza.

Bro's Cajun Cuisine

Nashville Restaurants
Bro’s Cajun Cuisine
3214 Charlotte Ave.
(615) 329-2626
Monday-Thursday Lunch only
Friday open until 8pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday

There’s something about a New Orleans lunch joint. It’s a friendly bustle of smiling faces and plates of steaming food. Everyone sits elbow to elbow, because there never seems to be enough room. Places like Johnny’s and Mother’s come to mind.

Bro’s Cajun Cuisine seems like it was picked up, brick for brick, out of the French Quarter and plunked down on Charlotte Avenue. Owner Darrell Breaux, dressed in his chef’s whites, cracks a joke at the door while you wait for a table. They have three rooms and every seat is filled. You can see the heaping plates of red beans and rice, flying out of the kitchen, which takes up half the dining room and is open for all to see. It gives you a peak at the fine ballet the cooks and wait staff stage each day, all perfectly synchronized, reaching around and over each other for a scoop of gumbo or a plate of white rice.

Bro’s feels like New Orleans and the customers have responded. The Friday lunch hour is mad house. Friday also means fish. The Bro’s Cajun Catfish features thick filets, fried crisp, with a zing in the batter. Many people order the plate special, taking the catfish, with sides, which include Cajun specialties and southern favorites like pinto beans, fried okra, turnip beans and make and cheese.

One big measure of a New Orleans lunch joint is the Po-Boy. The bread is important and Bro’s has a good supplier. The crust is thin and crisp and cracks to reveal fluffy white bread. The catfish version I ordered came well dressed. It’s a sandwich that could hold up to any in the crescent city.

The home made potato chips are fried right, with just enough crunch and chew. I need to go back to hit the Gumbo, Etoufee and Jambalaya. The Boudin is also a specialty.

Loyal customers have followed Bro’s for several years now from location to location all over Nashville and it seems for good reason. If they can manage some weekend hours, I’ll take the Veggie Eater along and let you know what she thinks.

Meat Eater: Definitely my favorite Cajun place in Nashville for the food and the atmosphere.
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