Tuesday, February 5, 2008


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We’re suckers for falafel. It has to be really good falafel. Kalamatas has never disappointed. The falafel is crisp, lightly fried on the outside; moist inside and not greasy. It’s also an indication of the care taken with the rest of the menu.

Kalamatas calls itself “classically international food prepared with a Mediterranean twist.” It seems like they are trying to leave room for whatever creations the chef wants to cook up. For the most part the Kalamatas menu is made up of Greek and Middle Eastern favorites with a few excursions outside the classics.

You could easily stuff yourself on the appetizers alone: creamy hummus, tangy tabouleh and savory stuffed grape leaves. The pita is always fresh and the falafel a real highlight. Salads also hit the spot. The basic Greek salad is nothing fancy, just the usual lettuce, tomato, olives, feta and vinaigrette. It’s the quality of those ingredients that make it shine. You can turn the salad into an entrĂ©e by adding marinated chicken breast, lamb kabob, beef kabob or veggies. The Fattoush salad is also excellent, piled high with onions, pita and a Lebanese dressing.

Sandwiches include traditional gyros and deli favorites like tuna and chicken salad. The tuna gets a fresh makeover with capers, onions, lemon zest and olive oil. Spinach pie, focaccia and tomato basil Florentine soup make it clear they’re willing to break outside of the international borders whenever they want.

The service is crisp and efficient. You put in your order and they tell you exactly how long it will take. By the time you have finished the salad the falafel sandwich is coming out freshly cooked. The owner greets regulars and helps the newcomers with the menu. In the end when you go to pay and your server asks “was everything okay?” You know they really mean it.

The total was $9 with tax and tip. The Veggie Eater wasn’t along on this trip, and she did express a bit of sadness over that fact. She really enjoys Kalamatas and they have plenty of options for the vegetarian.
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Southern Beale said...

Hey, just saw this pop up on the MCB aggregator and thought I'd pop by. Kalamata's is in my neighborhood and we eat there at least twice a week. They've got a terrific assortment of healthy grilled meats and fish. It's great for anyone on a diet.

And their hummus is to DIE for.

Eric and Katie said...

Hey southern beale, welcome to the blog! You're right, the sheer variety makes it great for dieters or indulgers. Hard thing for a dieter would be to get past the baklava at the checkout...I usually can't resist.

Heather W. said...

Mmmm, Kalamatas is awesome. So glad you got to try it! We agree with southern beale, the hummus is the best ever.