Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bunganut Pig Pub and Eatery

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Bunganut Pig Pub and Eatery
1143 Columbia Ave.

You gotta love a place that mixes a good Bloody Mary. And if they have a weird name with an odd story attached to it, well even the better. The Bunganut Pig Pub and Eatery has been in Franklin for more than 20 years. Recently it changed hands and it was our first time to visit.

The Bunganut Pig is made to look like an Irish or English pub. The d├ęcor is cozy and aged enough by now to seem almost authentic. Many people know The Bunganut Pig for live music. They feature singer-songwriters, cover groups and other folks. It’s a small room so I would imagine it’s an intimate venue for performer and audience.

We arrived for lunch when the bar was just opening up. I ordered the aforementioned Bloody Mary and was pleasantly surprised to find it well balanced, spicy and with a good solid flavor. It’s not easy getting a Bloody right, so they get points there. The lunch and dinner menus are fairly extensive. There are 20 sandwiches to choose from, including fried bologna, grilled Tilapia and something called the Monte Cristo: a deep fried, cinnamon battered triple decker with ham, turkey and cheese. Wow. Didn’t make it there on this visit. I did sample the unusual sounding BBQ Pork Wings. They’re meaty grilled pork medallions still on the shank bone. It makes a good handle to get at the juicy, flavorful pork covered in an okay barbecue sauce with a decent little kick. They proved to be quite good. The gumbo I started with was okay, not great, but certainly respectable.

Entrees include Shepherd’s Pie, pastas, seafood and several steaks, including a Filet Mignon. All of this might be a bit much with a band blaring and smoke wafting over from the bar area, but hey you have to give them credit for giving people a wide range of options.

Veggie Eater: So, the name begs the question, “What the hell is a Bunganut Pig?” I happened to ask this question to the right person, the owner. Hopefully I am relaying the details with some accuracy. The bar has existed for the past 20 years. The original owner and his son many years before that were in Maine, near Bunganut Pond, on a boys camping vacation. While driving around, they passed a big, red stained barn, which had “Bunganut Pig,” painted on the side. The father/original owner of the bar then invented a scary campfire tale which starred the Bunganut Pig and Charles Manson. The story was part of family lore and thus it was forgone conclusion what the name of the bar would be. The current owner has contacted the various records departments in Maine to try to determine the origin of “Bunganut”, to no avail…enough about history. I had the curly fries and the house garden salad (if veggie, request no bacon bits). Fries were thin, fresh and crisp. Perfect with malt vinegar. The salad was generous and included spinach and other fresh greens. Shredded cheddar over the top. I am a bleu cheese snob and it was a good dressing. Perhaps it was the Guinness at lunch, but I left a very happy camper.

Meat Eater: We would probably go back to Bunganut Pig again. We did like the interior and the staff was quite nice. We spent $28 with tax and tip for a couple of beers, Bloody Mary and lunch.Bunganut Pig on Urbanspoon


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12 south taproom great food selection and lots of beers