Monday, April 14, 2008

Whites Creek Farmers’ Market Update

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Whites Creek Farmers’ Market Update

Okay, first the bad news. It seems many of the growers that sold at the Whites Creek Farmers’ Market last year are not coming back. The Whites Creek Saturday morning market was a true delight: just five or six stands, a nice mellow crowd and occasionally another couple of vendors. The produce was great, the sellers incredibly nice and the atmosphere laid back and friendly. It was on a lawn, under the trees, next to Earthman’s General Store near the corner of Whites Creek Pike and Old Hickory. You could buy some produce and check out stuff in the store.

Last week Nancy Van Winkle with Bramble Hill Farm announced that several growers are dropping out, mainly due to personal reasons or other business concerns. This includes other good operations like Eaton’s Creek Organics, Sonfarm, Natural Fields and Paradise produce.
Lannae Long at Lannae's food and travel blog e-mailed us as soon as she heard. There were a bunch of us who really enjoyed the market and we were rather stunned to find out people were dropping out. The crowds seemed really good and on a number of times we arrived late to find everything sold out.

The real bummer is that these growers are all from the area…the furthest coming in from Springfield. For once we felt like Joelton/Whites Creek was getting the identity it deserved for being home to so many high quality craft growers.

Now the good news. The Hungry Gnome Farm will still be at Earthman’s on Saturday mornings. We called Cookie from Earthman’s and she says they hope the market will still be good this year …so if there are other growers interested they should contact Earthman’s to set it up. Alicia and Bert with Hungry Gnome will be sending out an email for notices about the market. You can reach them at

Here is the list of the growers who were at the market, in case you want to do CSA:

Eaton's Creek Organics
Tana Comer
Joelton, TN
(615) 299-0979
Sells produce and honey at Franklin Farmer's Market (Sat.) and through a subscription CSA

Jason Adkins
Joelton, TN
Will sell at Turnip Truck Market in East Nashville on Wednesdays. Call for more info

Natural Fields Farm
Stuart Say
Springfield, TN
Subscription orders in Hendersonville area

Paradise Produce
Stacy Geny
Pleasant View, Tn
CSA and e-mail subscription and Turnip Truck market (Wednesdays)

Hungry Gnome Farm- read message below:

Hi Everyone,
The peach blossoms and wildflowers are telling us that spring is here. We are so excited to get into the garden, though still waiting for the soil to dry out a bit more before tilling.
Though I'm sad the Whites Creek Farmers Market won't be returning as it was last year, Hungry Gnome Farm still has plans to sell at Earthman's General Store in Whites Creek on Saturday mornings. If you would like to be on our email list for notices of the market, our CSA and on-farm events, please email me back at and give me your name and email address. We really appreciated your enthusiasm and support last year and look forward to another season of providing you with fresh, local food.
Alicia Batson and Bert HartmanHungry Gnome Farm4712 Lickton PikeWhites Creek, Tn 37189615-299-1661


Lannae said...

OK, I took a break from my France trip to write about the loss of the Whites Creek Farmer's Market. I am sad that the market isn't happening. I am glad Hungry Gnome is happening.

It is such a far drive for me to the Franklin Farmers Market, and it feels so out of the way for me. I am also on travel so much it makes CSAs really impractical for me :( I also have no sun because of old lovely trees in my tiny postage stamp yard, so I can't grow my own. What to do?

Eric and Katie said...

Okay, so we have now officially issued the call to action with Lannae on this one....we need more growers for the Whites Creek farmers' market. Here's the deal...if you get out there and make it great we promise to keep blogging about it in the growing season. And considering how much Lannae relies on local produce I would bet she would do the same. There were really good crowds last year and we hope to see it back again this year!

Heather W. said...

That's really too bad! And really perplexing. I never made it out to the Whites Creek market but now really regret it. :-/

S for Kitchen Confit said...

The demise of the Whites Creek Farmers' Market is a shame. But I did happen to swing by the opening shindig for the East Nashville Farmer's market this afternoon after work. There were 10 or 15 vendors, and I think there is a lot of promise with this new farmers' market. There was quite a crowd on its inaugural day, and I hope we as a community can get this new farmers' market up and running by supporting it with our business every Wednesday. You can never really replace the Whites Creek Farmers' Market, but here's hoping for success with the new East Nashville Farmer's Market by the Turnip Truck grocer.

Eric and Katie said...

Confit...thanks for the update. The East Nashville farmer's market does sound cool. I wish they would consider something on the weekend too. I like the idea of a bunch of different vendors, selling produce, bread and cheese and stuff.