Sunday, May 18, 2008

Edgefield Sports Bar and Grill

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Edgefield Sports Bar and Grill
921 Woodland Street

Okay, so we’re morons. We’ll admit it. We’ve heard good things about the Edgefield Sports Bar and Grill, but we finally made our first visit last month. Yes, it took us four and a half years. Sad, considering we’ve been missing out on excellent bar food. And while I can’t claim to have experienced every burger in town, this is hands down one of the best. The whole experience is wrapped up in a festive, blue collar bar atmosphere and that’s what really makes it a home run.

The East Nashville crowd on a Friday night was fun and loud. Plenty of welcome for the regulars and yet we never felt left out. They are busy and that means everyone on staff is operating at full steam. It shows. The service was excellent and the food came out right on time.

Ordering a garden salad at a bar seems like insanity but, as the regulars probably know, that isn’t the case at Edgefield. The big salad comes with fresh greens, ripe tomatoes and banana peppers. To top it off-homemade salad dressing and for that matter really good homemade dressing. The blue cheese would have been welcome at a lot of restaurants in town. You choose between blue cheese, ranch and raspberry vinaigrette.

The house burger is a little over the top, but it works. It comes with three different cheeses, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, special sauce and your choice of bacon, corned beef or ham. Yes, this does sound like a meat overdose waiting to happen, but it would be worth the trip to the hospital. I ordered medium rare and it came out pink and juicy. The big, slightly sweet bun soaked up the flavor. It’s long been considered one of Nashville’s best burgers and came in second in a recent Nashville Scene taste test.

The onion rings proved a good accompaniment. You know how onion rings often get greasy or mushy? Not at Edgefield. They nail the batter and the fry. Each ring is perfectly crunchy and crispy. They are obviously changing the oil on a regular basis.

Edgefield seems like a supper club from Wisconsin or somewhere up north. It has that feel. Big groups gather at the tables with pitchers of beer and burgers. The laughter and buzz takes over the room. And yet it’s still a low lights kind of place that is relaxing, even as the bartenders hustle. The place fills up on a Friday night with workers out of a few beers after escaping downtown. Pool tables and plenty of TVs offer diversions once you’re done with food. The $2.50 PBR tall boys, all the time, also provide a nice incentive to visit.

Veggie Eater: I was extremely excited when I noticed that the bleu cheese had a faint tinge of brown to it. Have you ever noticed the crap restaurants serve from gallon sized wholesaled tubs is always pristine white? Blindingly white? It always makes me suspicious when there is no color to the bleu cheese…in any case, my instincts were right. The tinge in this case is, I am guessing, is due to the use of Worcestershire. The bartender happily confirmed that “he” (god bless him, whoever “he” is) makes all of the dressings by scratch. Score one for the Edgefield. I ordered the Rueben, minus corned beef; I encountered a momentary look, but the bartender obliged. The Reuben was good. Crinkle cut fries are not my favorite (I like my fries like I like my pizza, thin) but these were very well done. The plate of fries was enormous and I am pleased to report ample leftovers for work today. The only bright spot on my Monday…

Meat Eater: We paid $30 with a couple of beers, tax and tip. We’ll definitely be back at Edgefield soon.
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Heather Haley said...

as a self professed chicken finger expert---they have some of the best around! taste like they might have some sugar in the breading, which is a GREAT thing. The honey mustard that comes with them is the only honey mustard I eat!!!! Good dart boards too!

Eric and Katie said...

I'll have to try those. We're trying to convince some friends to go to sample the burgers. Maybe we'll do chicken fingers as an app.

Eric and Katie said...

Hey Heather thanks for the tip...they are some of the best chicken fingers around...real chicken breast, kind of a catfish style breading, lightly fried and very moist inside. Real good.

Heather Haley said...

I know--real chicken---imagine! Glad you liked them....I think I know where I'm going to lunch today.

Joey said...

This is one of the top bars in Nashville - hands down. Just a great time, and the women are freaking gorgeous.