Sunday, June 8, 2008

Brewhouse West

Nashville Restaurants and Food
Brewhouse West
7108 Charlotte Pike

Some people seem to have an intuitive sense of cool. They know how to bring together the right elements in just the right way to make something special. Kelly Jones and various partners have put together plenty of local cool over the years, with the Red Door Saloons, 3 Crow Bar, and various Brewhouse locations. Each place feels original and the staff seems to take pride in what they do. That given, the Brewhouse concept has been a bit hit and miss for us lately in the food department. We really like the original Broadway Brewhouse near Division. The southwestern flavors and burgers always hit the spot. Just recently though we went back and found the queso pretty lame and everything just okay in the flavor department. Sure, it might have just been us, but we’ve noticed weakness in the downtown Broadway Brewhouse as well. The last time out the pizza was doughy and uninspired, sandwiches pedestrian at best. We had heard that Brewhouse West has some of the best food in the bunch, but it’s a long way out there, so we just finally made it last week. We’re happy to report the food is quite good.

The Brewhouse West sits just at the end of a commercial desert of burger chains and big box stores. It’s a welcome oasis. The windows slide all the way up, giving the place an open air feel like the west side location. Even on a sultry summer morning it was still cool inside with the fans whirling overhead. It feels like a beach bar in Florida, albeit without the water.
The menu is similar to the other locations. It goes heavy on the southwestern and Mexican with fish tacos, quesadillas and burritos. Chicken queso and catfish tacos are two of the more unique items. Vegetarians will find veggie beans and rice, a veggie burrito, black bean quesadillas and several salads, which with a special request can be turned all veggie. Burgers, po-boys and other sandwiches round out the offerings.

The chicken wings are roasted, not fried, which means they keep the chicken flavor and stay ultra-moist. The chipotle b-b-q sauce was tasty but quite tame. It might be worth going for the Mojo hot wings next time. They come with a southwestern ranch dressing that is a nice change from the usual blue cheese. Unfortunately the house salad comes with the same dressing so we began to get a little tired of it. The salad itself is a big pile of shredded greens with cucumber salsa for a sweet twist. It’s all smothered in shredded jack cheese. We moved the jalapeno bacon aside so the Veggie Eater could sample. It’s certainly a good fresh salad.

Veggie Eater: Let me just say that this was a delightful spot on a hot Sunday afternoon. Reminded me of sitting in a bar in Florida or New Orleans. Black bean quesadillas rocked. Far more substance than the cheese only cousin. The Diablo salsa was fresh, not terribly hot. There were quite a few veggie friendly menu items. All washed down with 2 for 1 pint beer; your choice of any beer on tap.

Meat Eater: We love the vibe at all of the Brewhouse locations. Charlotte has the food down and makes a nice option for folks in the West Meade area. We paid $42 with tax, tip and 2 beers each.


Laura said...

TOO BAD all the Brewhouse locations are smoking. We used to LOVE to go to the original one until the last time we tried to enter it and it smelled like an ashtray that hadn't been emptied in days...

Lannae said...

Went to BBH midtown twice a long time ago. 1st time, atmosphere, service, food and drink were bad. 2nd time, same except that there was an added lack of cleanliness, and I felt like I needed a shower and rinse my shoes before entering my house. Never going back.

Eric and Katie said...

Yes, the brewhouse midtown is the most bar-like of them all....especially when they get busy late night. Brewhouse west is a bit of a different experience, although we were there for lunch. Anyone want to chime in about how Brewhouse west is at night?