Thursday, June 12, 2008


Nashville Restaurants and Food
Jamaicaway Restaurant
Nashville Farmers’ Market
900 Rosa L. Parks Blvd.

Veggie Eater hit the Farmers’ Market solo as the Meat Eater was out sick. I am pleased to report that progress is being made at the Farmers’ Market. Although the restaurant shed still looks like Beirut, there is a tucked away jewel among the tarps. The new space for Jamaicaway is simply darling. Stevie Wonder hanging out with Bob Marley in a framed print sets the tone. They now have their own seating area and use ceramic plates and real silverware. Families with children, middle aged friends hanging out, and old hippies dot the various tables.
But enough about the ambience…what really rocks is the food. They have on any given day at least 4 veggie entrees, in addition to the meatified versions. All side dishes are vegetarian as well. For $7.70, you get your choice of veggie entrĂ©e, 2 sides, and Johnny cake or corn bread. Veggie entrees today were the jerk gluten, barbecue Portobello mushroom, fried chicken, and curry chicken. Some of the sides were yellow rice, fried plantains, callaloo, and beans and rice. I opted for the jerk, beans and rice, and callaloo. The jerk was a mild affair, juicy, and the gluten had a nice texture. The callaloo had a hint of spiciness to it and the rice and beans were fluffy. They take great pride in their food here and are eager to check in to make sure you like your food. There were a few folks suspiciously eying the various veggie entrees suspiciously (“What on earth is gluten? What is seitan?”) and the folks behind the counter encouraged them to give it a go, stating, “Even folks who eat meat really like the veggie entrees.” Alas, Carnivores, no need to fret; there are plenty of meaty things as well (chicken, goat, ox-tails, ackee and salt fish?).
Sadly, they are still not open on Saturdays during the day, but are adding dinner hours, including Saturday nights.
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Lori said...

I tried Jamaicaway for the first time last week when my kids and I stopped in for lunch. After a great experience, I returned this week for take-out. We paid less than $20 for enough food to feed four adults and three children, and everything was a huge hit! The kids loved the fried chicken, johnny cakes, and sweet potatoes. The parents loved everything, including the curried chicken, jerk chicken, red beans and rice, turnip greens, and green beans. The flavors were fabulous, and I couldn't believe how tender the chicken was! We'll probably do take-out a least a couple times a month. We're HUGE fans of Kalamata's, Margot and Marche, Zola, Fido, Baja Burrito, Calypso Cafe, and The Food Company if that gives you any indication of our food preferences. We're now huge fans of Jamaicaway, too!