Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Night-Courtesy of the Nashville Farmers' Market

So, we hit the Nashville Farmers' Market on Saturday morning with the intention of buying stuff for a fun Saturday night at home. We needed a little help from Lazzaroli Pasta shop in Germantown along the way. Here is what ended up on the menu:

-Mini sandwiches
Sweet rolls from the Amish stand, Kentucky.
Sweetwater Valley Farm Italian Pesto cheese, Philadelphia, TN. (From Lazzaroli Pasta)
Little ugly tomatoes from Smiley Farm, Ridgetop, TN.

-Orzo with feta, tomatoes and dill
Actually used Pasta di Gragnano from Italy (Lazzaroli Pasta)
Cherry Tomatoes from Tammy's, Tennessee

-Italian sausage from Boone's Butcher Shop, Bardstown, KY (stand at Farmers' Market)

Damn, that's good eating. The Farmers' Market, Lazzaroli combo is a good one. The inside of the Nashville Farmers' Market restaurant area is still a shame. We'll have a review of Nooley's Cajun soon. Oh, by the way, all of this goes well with a DVD showing of Midnight Cowboy and a bottle of Gnarly Head 2005 Old Vine Zinfandel.


Lannae said...

I love Lazzaroli's pasta. We hardly buy any other pasta now. A couple weeks ago, I was too late getting to Lazzaroli's, so I had to buy dried boxed grocery store pasta. The dry boxed pasta kind of ruined the dish.