Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Nashville Restaurants and Food
Nashville Farmers’ Market
900 Rosa Parks Blvd. (8th Avenue North)

Ah, a Saturday and a great sandwich. The two things go so well together. Combine that with some summer produce shopping and you have a nice afternoon. Luckily there is at least one great sandwich left to be found at the tarp covered construction zone known as the Nashville Farmers’ Market.

Nooley’s is just a couple of coolers and counter. It’s the type of place that might be easy to wander past. There is at least one good reason to stop. It’s called the Nooley Special. It’s meat and fixings piled onto a Muffaletto bun and then hot pressed Panini style. The ham, turkey, roast beef, Swiss and mayo meld together into a melty fusion. It’s a damn good sandwich. It’s not really a Po-Boy or a Muffaletto, but a Cajun cross that works well. I tackled the junior size and found it to be plenty with a cup of Gumbo. The Gumbo is a traditional blend of chicken and sausage. The base is an okay roux, a little lighter than some, and not a stand out in the flavor department. The sausage provides some needed spice.

You can order a sampler which included the aforementioned chicken and sausage gumbo and a shrimp version, as well as red beans and rice. The Po-Boy line-up features roast beef, ham and turkey. They have several sizes of Muffaletto to choose from and a nod to Creole cuisine on Thursdays with Jambalaya. Don’t forget to get a bag of the Zapp’s chips to really make it a Louisiana experience.

I paid $10 with tax, tip and a drink.
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