Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mitchell Delicatessen

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Mitchell Delicatessen
1402 McGavock Pike

Top notch ingredients, carefully crafted by people who really seem to enjoy what they do, served up in a fun and inviting space. They seem like simple concepts, but so many restaurants fall flat. At Mitchell Delicatessen they clearly understand those basic building blocks and turn out truly great sandwiches to happy customers.

Mitchell Deli has been the talk of the Nashville Foodie scene for some months now. The location In Riverside Village is getting kinda crazy with traffic. Coffee shop Sip Café and Mike’s Ice Cream sit next door, the Veggie Café just down the street and Castrillo’s Pizza nearby. Add Bailey and Cato meat and three to the mix and you have a new restaurant destination for Nashville.

Inside Mitchell Deli you’ll find a small front dining area, the bustling deli counter and shelves

stocked with quality, hard to find, food items. This makes it easy to put in your order and browse while you wait. We picked up some Tennessee Smoked Cheddar, Drunken Goat Cheese, Blair’s hot chips and a loaf of bread from Silke’s Old World Bakery out of Clarksville. You’ll find some of these same ingredients in the sandwiches, most notably the Silke’s bread which is crusty, chewy and packed with flavor.

They keep long hours at the Deli, 7am to 8pm most days, catering to the early crowd with an imaginative breakfast bar where you pay by the pound. The bright, airy interior handles the crowd well and you can watch the sandwich production line at work.

The bow tie pasta salad has a nice tang and just the right amount of oil. The fresh feta and ripe, orange cherry tomatoes give a really bright pop to the salad. The Turkey, Avocado and Bacon sandwich features braised turkey piled high, flattened a bit and toasted with tomato, ripe avocado, mayo and cheddar. But oh, it’s the bacon that sends this sandwich over the top. They serve Benton’s bacon from Madisonville, Tennessee at Mitchell. The strong, smoky flavor is a great accompaniment to the turkey. Other sandwich choices include: Lamb with mint Raita, Roasted Veggie, Pastrami and Swiss, Caprese and Grilled Chicken with Portobello and Fresh Mozzarella.

Veggie Eater: Great vibe here. Looks like the whole neighborhood has discovered this gem. I was torn about what to have; there are quite a few veggie items to choose from. I ultimately opted for the Jalapeno Pimento cheese sandwich. It consists of just a hint of spiciness, sharp cheddar cheese, real mayo (no miracle whip here)mixed into a chunky paste. This is served on Silke’s great crusty bread and topped with lettuce and tomato. I remarked that the pimento cheese is as good as I make it, which is not something I say often about foods consumed elsewhere than home. Oh, and when the hot chips say hot, they’re not joking: habanero chips should be eaten with caution and only a few at a time. I had enough left over for lunch the next day.

Meat Eater: You can order the fantastic selection of meats and cheeses by the pound, get sandwich trays for parties and hit the salad bar for lunch. It’s a really good addition to the Nashville food scene. We paid $20 for two sandwiches, pasta salad, 2 bags of chips and drinks. And did we mention the gooey toffee Blondie for desert? Mmmm.
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Lannae said...

One thing I miss is the pastrami you can get in NYC and Boston. Does MD carry a good medium to full fat pastrami? I know I will never find Katz Deli pastrami anywhere else besides Katz Deli, but I keep hoping for a close facsimile. Is MD the place?

Eric and Katie said...

Lannae: they do have pastrami and judging from their choices in meats I would imagine it's pretty good. They have a pastrami and swiss on rye. They also sell the pastrami by the pound. I'm like you...I really miss the huge pastrami sandwiches from, greasy and with a spread of mustard it's pretty awesome.

BP said...

I am a BIG FAN of this place. I go to East Nashville every Wednesday night for rehearsal, and after happening upon Mitchell's one time, I have made it a regular weekly tradition to eat dinner there on Wednesday nights. I have had every sandwich on the menu, and they are so good, I have never even gotten to the hot food. I think if I had to name one favorite, though, it would be the turkey/brie/apple/cranberry relish. I also love that they have all of those unique cheeses available to buy. I usually pick one out every week to take home and try. Last week it was St. Andre...mmmmm.

Eric and Katie said...

bp: you are a frequently flier... maybe you can answer lannae's is the pastrami?

Pete said...

best sandwiches in nashville. sunday brunch for the win. i love mitchell's...keep up the great food..

Mary Alice said...

My husband and I are originally from the Italian part of St. Louis and really miss the great deli's with their prosciutto and cheeses. We live very close by and are thrilled that Mitchell's is in the neighborhood. My husband loves their pastrami and he hates everything. Their breakfast is also quite good. I also love the fact that they are having dinner events, local happenings like car washes, dog adopting events and the Wi-Fi is great too. Can't wait for the Japanese restaurant opening up next door!

Dave said...

I went for the first time last weekend especially for the Muffeletta. While the meat was very good and the bread was ok, it was no more an authentic muffeletta than an unboiled bagel is a bagel. A muffeletta is characterized by excess. A thick stack of meat, a comparable stack of cheese, olive salad with big chunks of big olives and plenty of olive oil. I also revere Katz's and based on my experience I have grave doubts about the pastrami sandwich. That said the food was good but don't go expecting NYC or NO.

Anonymous said...

This place is awesome! My favorite is the Turkey Avacado and Bacon sandwich. The ingredients are always fresh. Recently I ordered a few of these sandwiches around noon and drove to Louisville later that afternoon and had doubts that the sandwiches would still be good. I was wrong... they were still delicious! Who says you can't have amazing food while traveling?! :)

Great employees, always friendly and wearing smiles! :)