Saturday, December 6, 2008

Muddea's Closes

Nashville Restaurants and Food

We try and update you if there is a change to a restaurant we have reviewed in the past. Muddea's Famous Chicken and Waffles on Clarksville Highway has closed. They cooked up fluffy waffles and tasty fried chicken, so we're sad to see them go. If you hear of any other restaurants on this blog that we need to update please let us know. And on a more positive note if you have any openings of new joints we'll start listing them here as well.


Anonymous said...

some east nashville news:

watanabe, a cool new asian fusion restaurant, opened in riverside village in inglewood, at the intersection of riverside drive and mcgavock. really nice sushi selection, cool vietnamese entrees, etc.

pied piper eatery, a traditional but fun diner, opened a little down the road from watanabe, on riverside drive heading towards the heart of east nashville.

also, you guys should check out this little cafe on fatherland called sky blue. haven't been yet, but apparently good veggie options (for veggie eater).

finally: mas tacos por favor! an awesome late night taco cart that's operating in five points on some nights (schedule seems pretty erratic-- but it's awesome when it's there!)

Eric and Katie said...

Thanks anon...a couple of those are on our to-do list!

yazzwho said...

Yeah about that taco truck:

I am going to guess that either she also has a day job, or that her business plan is not exactly sterling. How and where to find the place ain't exactly a good way to win repeat customers. Unless she is part of an elaborate geocaching party.