Thursday, January 22, 2009

Old Fashion Bar-B-Que

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Old Fashion Bar-B-Que
1784 Tom Austin Highway

Ah, southern barbecue. You can find barbecue spots all over the country, but it seems like only in the south can you pull up next to someone’s house, smell the burning wood and find them selling barbecue by the pound, straight out of the cooker. Old Fashion Bar-B-Que is one of those spots. It’s located on Highway 431 in between Joelton and Springfield, just over the Davidson County line. It’s the home of the Buchanan family and they have deep barbecue roots. Jesse and Jessie, the husband and wife team, were given the family pulled pork recipe from Jessie’s dad, Richard Jones. He ran the Old Fashion Bar-B-Que shack next to his home for 40 years, garnering quite the reputation. They took that recipe and opened Bar-B-Que of Tennessee down the highway in Joelton. That has been one of my favorite barbecue spots for some years now. I was disheartened to learn that they shut the doors just after Christmas. As it turns out they lost the lease on the restaurant. Business was going great, so now they are trying to find a new location in Joelton. The sooner the better I say.

But, now the real point of this post. In homage to dad they re-opened Old Fashion Bar-B-Que out of the old shack next to the house about a year ago. I swung by to get the scoop on the Joelton restaurant and picked up pound of pulled pork to go. Even as I unwrapped the plastic at home I could tell this was going to be good. The aroma is splendid. The Buchanan’s chop the meat to an almost fine shred. There are nice bits of bark mixed throughout. It’s wonderfully moist and has a solid smoky flavor that is simply out of this world. It is the perfect amount of smoke: tons of flavor without overpowering the meat. It’s the type of barbecue that you wouldn’t even consider letting any sauce taint. And don’t get me wrong they have a nice light, mild vinegar sauce and a spicy vinegar hot sauce. It’s just that the meat is that damn good on its own. Hell, I didn’t even want to mess with bread it was so tasty. The pork at Bar-B-Que of Tennessee was top notch, but for whatever reason this batch was even better.

They have an extremely limited menu in the little shack and everything is of course takeout. They serve up ribs and chicken, as well as the pork. The chicken at the Joelton restaurant was excellent and the ribs okay. I’ll have to drop by again to see how the shack flavor goes for those two.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in some real down-home ‘cue take a trip up Highway 431. The shack is open on weekends starting at 9am on Saturdays. It might be a good idea to call ahead to make sure.


Sheila Jones Bowling said...

Our dad's business was never given to anyone. The business was allowed to be used to generate income for our mom, in the event of his passing. The house still belongs to our mom, who is now a resident of NHC Healthcare in Springfield. The business was established in 1978, as stated on his obituary in 2004. The recipe was given to daddy, by the late Sam Chatman, and a vow was made to never give the recipe away. Daddy taught us and others that "your WORD is your bond" and the vow was
never broken. What you tasted was not the original recipe. I do not believe that my sister Jessie knows
this is posted, but someone else has promoted a lie for their own benefit. Out of honor to the legacy of our late father, Richard
Jones, the truth must be told, and
I have informed our sister, Josie
of this information, and our information can be verified, not only by the 2 of us, but legally.

Sheila Jones Bowling said...

If anyone would like a copy of newspaper clippings of our dad's legacy, feel free to contact me via
fax at 615-650-9004.

Anonymous said...

I wish Mr. Chatman had told your Dad to only give the recipe to the next generation, rather than keep it a secret. The Buchanans do a great job, but I long for the days of my ritual trips to Mr. Jones' "Old Fashioned Barbeque" I have had BBQ from many, many places, and I have to say that Mr. Jones' was the best I have ever had, and I am afraid that I will never have any that quite comes up to snuff with it . I miss Mr. Jones he was an awfully nice fellow- and he sure knew how to do the 'cue. RIP Mr. Jones