Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Valentine’s Day Ideas

Are you looking for a Valentine’s Day dinner spot in Nashville? Some people have favorites that they always visit on V-Day. For the last few years we’ve enjoyed the atmosphere at the Yellow Porch in Berry Hill. The little rooms are packed and festive, which combined with mood lighting, and great food, makes for a romantic dinner. We see the same people there year after year, so we’re not the only ones who play V-Day favorites. Here are some more romantic possibilities:

Eastland Cafe: Vibrant, buzzing and fun this bistro offers great food and a nice, chatty staff.

Zola: We’re ashamed to say we haven’t been back in some time, which is crazy because it’s one of the best restaurants in town. Zola certainly fits the romantic need with cozy rooms and warm, responsive service. Plus, the Scene Bites Blog is reporting that they have a revamped menu line-up with several new vegetarian friendly items.

Margot: Who would think a transformed garage could be romantic? But it is a great room for an intimate dinner and the food is top-notch. Be prepared to rub elbows with some other diners and a few waiters, since it is a bit of a squeeze. That just makes it more fun. Once your entrée arrives you may have trouble remembering the name of your date. The food is that good.

Anatolia: There isn’t much romantic about a strip mall on White Bridge Road, unless of course you’re talking about Anatolia. The dining room is just right for feeling at home and comfortable. The Turkish food can help take you out of that V-Day dining comfort zone. And it is perfect winter cuisine: hearty and savory.

There are two newcomers that could fit the V-Day bill and while the rooms are not exactly romantic per se, they are fun:
Café Rakka in Hendersonville and City House in Germantown both offer excellent food and a knowledgeable staff that cares about what they are doing.

If you are dining on a budget, we suggest
PM Restaurant near Belmont or the Black Horse Pub in Clarksville.

Be sure to check to see if the restaurant has a special V-Day menu, especially if you are vegetarian. We have found some places tend to go a bit meaty on V-Day. And of course call for reservations.

And let’s hope it is busy. If you can afford a nice dinner, please visit one of Nashville’s independent restaurants. Times are tough and they could use our support.

Okay, now your turn. Use the comments to tell us about your favorite place for a romantic dinner and any V-Day dining traditions you have.


Lannae said...

This is a really nice post of good ideas for Vday! Margot is usually high on my list, but City House is truly my favorite now (as a meat eater). Nice list! How about Germantown and Alium? Those 2 might be nice too, but I don't know if those 2 are doing anything special for Vday.

Eric and Katie said...

Thanks Lannae...I agree about Germantown, it would also be a nice spot for V-Day and from what Carrington Fox in the Scene says about Allium it seems like it's a beautiful room with some good food. Hey, I liked your blog about gizzards..I spared Katie though!

Lannae said...

Oh, yeah, that was probably the safest thing to spare Katie! The gizzards topped with bacon fat, ya know, that can be a bit much for most. Happy Vday to you 2!