Wednesday, April 15, 2009

July 4 is guaranteed to be hot in Nashville

This just in from the Hot Chicken Festival organizers. I have many questions about the beer garden size (can it be expanded?) and any changes in selling chicken (lines soooo long). I will ask and let you know what I hear back. In the meantime:

The 2009 Music City Hot Chicken Festival will once again be celebrating Nashville's original culinary tradition - hot chicken - on July 4th, 2009.

This free event features the unique southern flare of local restaurants, professional & amateur cooking competitions, inflatable jumpys for the kids, the Yazoo Brewery beer garden, and of course, legendary Nashville music.

The Music City Hot Chicken Festival, approaching its 3rd year, has already been recognized as one of the most unique food festivals in the Southeast. The festival's attendance has grown from 1500 people in 2007 to over 5000 people last year. Our goal for the 2009 festival is 10,000 hot chicken lovers.So please join us for the 2009 Music City Hot Chicken Festival, Nashville's hottest summer festival.

Saturday, July 4th
11am - 3pm
EastPark (700 Woodland Street)
Save the Date - Saturday, July 4, 2009


Anonymous said...

Good luck with that.

#1 - Free? Uh Oh. Free for admission, I guess? Pay for everything else?

#2 - Beer Garden? Yazoo? Uh Oh. They brew *great* beer. But serving it quickly and efficiently is another story. Try the tap room on a Saturday, heh.

#3 - This vague figure of 10K visitors ought to give any vendor a nervous feeling. How much should we bring, how much staff do we need. That is a logistical nightmare.

Here is my proposal: Set a fixed price for food and drink. Then set up a huge table of volunteers to sell TOKENS. No making change means quicker service?

Of course, you are going to tell me that they did this last year right?

I post anonymous cuz I'm a coward..

Anonymous said...

I totally agree: more beer space and shorter lines are imperative. How about multiple beer booths?

Eric and Katie said...

All good ideas. I like the idea of tokens...that could speed things along. Hopefully all the kitchens will be ready for a bigger crowd. I know it's tough to maintain quality under those conditions. I think the beer area should be quadrupled, with multiple cash registers....and also a few more items for the vegetarians. It's a cool little festival...but if it's going to become a big festival there will have to be changes.