Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Restaurant Health Scores

Occasionally a question is raised about the health score a restaurant might receive. Food safety is a real concern and the health scores can be an indication of problems. Because of the inspection and re-inspection process, and how often scores change, we won't list them in this blog. We don't think it's fair to the restaurants. However, we have added links to the Metro Health Department and Tennessee Department of Health so you can get the latest scores. Both systems are pretty easy to use. For the Metro list you need to enter a date range and then the list of inspections comes up alphabetically. For the Tennessee site you can search by restaurant name or address. You'll find the new links on the right hand side of the screen. We hope this helps.


Lannae said...

Hey E &K,
The grocery stores with lunch counters have health scores too and are through the Dept of Ag. The link is here:

Las Americas, Pucketts and Al-Rasoul USA Bakery are groceries with dining rooms, so their scores are with the TN Dept of Ag.

Eric and Katie said...

That's a really good point Lannae...we just added that link!