Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Los Rosales Has Closed

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Los Rosales Closed

Sad news for fans of authentic Mexican food. The owner of Los Rosales, Carlos Moncayo, has announced that they are closing their doors for good. Many foodies had been concerned, including us, when we noticed the doors were closed all weekend. I tried calling several times today and no one picked up. Finally Mr. Moncayo e-mailed us this afternoon with the news, saying in part:

"The current unfavorable business climate forces us to make this difficult decision. We want to thank everyone for the wonderful support you have always given us."

It was a really good restaurant and this will be a loss for Nashville. We can only hope that someone else will pick up the flag and try a restaurant like this again...may we suggest East Nashville for a location?


Anonymous said...

I am so saddened by this news! It was our favorite authentic Mexican restaurant. They used several of his grandmother's recipes. And the staff was always so friendly and helpful. This is a sad day for Nashville!

Eric and Katie said...

Anon: It was a tough time to start a restaurant, given the economy. Still, I would have to believe that Los Rosales would thrive in a better location. Nothing against Antioch, but I think this place would take off in the Five Points neighborhood of East Nashville.

Joey said...

Blerg, this is the worst news I've heard in months. My wife and I have loved that restaurant since very shortly after it changed over to Carlos' ownership. At least we ate there recently (a few days after my wife's bday) and were able to give Carlos one of the bday cupcakes.

Carlos, if you read this and have the capital to do so, please try again in another location if you think you that would help. I will drive anywhere in this city to eat your creations...even to Cool Springs if I must.

Lannae said...

Oh boo. That is sad news. It is tough all around out there. Good luck to the former owners in their next endeavors.

kristenly said...

this is so sad! los rosales was my family's favorite restaurant.