Thursday, August 27, 2009

Top 3 for Summer 2009

Nashville Restaurants and Food
Top 3 for Summer 2009

Periodically we’ll try and highlight some of the Nashville restaurants we’ve enjoyed the most. Here are the top three for the last couple of months:

1. El Mirador Homemade mole and other authentic sauces set this place apart from your usual Nashville Mexican joint. We’d go just for some more of their warm, fluffy tortillas.

2. Zavos Greek gets a delicious update in this former Inglewood bar turned into a hip and comfortable restaurant.

3. Tom’s Elite Carry-out Exceptional care in cooking puts Tom’s ahead in the competitive meat and three market. Barbecue should be all about the meat and they seem to understand this perfectly.

We recently stopped back in at the wonderful P.S. Noodle Pot for lunch. We’ve added our latest menu items to the review:


KMAYS said...

Thanks for pointing me to El Mirador!

Anonymous said...

I've been to El Mirador 3 times. Their chili relleno is covered in a thin, egg crepe with chili verde sauce on top. UNBELIEVABLE!! Get one to take home because it re-heats VERY WELL. I LOVE this place.

Lannae said...

Ok, it is El Mirador for me!

Todd McCalla said...

The coolest part is Ive never heard of any of these 3 restaurants in Nashville! I love trying new places and enjoy leaving the comfort of having so many Cool Springs restaurants within 2 miles. Thanks for the tips!