Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Old Dutch Boy Going Back Up

The Damn Donut Debate appears to have ended today when lo and behold the owners of the Donut Den (3900 Hillsboro Pike in Green Hills) announced that the old sign is going back up. Here is what they have to say about it all:

"The vintage neon sign featuring a dutch boy and flying doughnuts has such a popular following that it even has its own Facebook page, is mentioned regularly on local blogs and Twitter posts and is considered a treasured work of art, listed on the 2009 “Nashville Nine” directory of endangered historic local landmarks."

So, why would you consider getting rid of it in the first place? Sounds like intelligent PR people got a hold of this one and milked it (sorry, couldn't resist) for everything they could. Now Nashvillians can buy donuts in peace once again.


Anonymous said...

I'm good friends with the owners, and they never wanted it to go - it was that new building renovation that was causing the ruckus. It does seem like it's been great PR for them though!

Lannae said...

Yay! I like the sign :)