Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thai Switch and Donut Makeover

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Thai Switch and Donut Makeover
One Thai restaurant moves and another Thai restaurant takes it's place. Sound a little unusual? We thought so too. The restaurant in question is the Pad Thai Kitchen in East Nashville. Workers at the restaurant say they will be moving in about three weeks to a new location at 604 Gallatin Ave, near the new Aldi store. Meanwhile, a new Thai restaurant is scheduled to set up shop at the Pad Thai Kitchen location on Woodland Street soon after. I guess it means more Thai for East Nashville so who can argue. Update: We're now told this is the last day for the current location and they hope to reopen in the new location in mid-October.

The new Donut Den sign is due to be unveiled on Wednesday at 1pm. Fox's Donut Den has featured the old fashion dutch kid for years at the 3900 Hillsboro Pike location. A building renovation lead to the sign makeover, which isn't much of a question. They offered up two versions for the public to vote online. One is a lame miniature version and the other is...drum roll please: the old sign cleaned up a bit. Hmmmm, I wonder how this will go?


mIKES said...

There are a lot of thoughts about the Donut Den sign. All of them ridiculously perplexing.

Why would a landlord would deny the re-use of a vintage sign on an iconic business? The guy is paying his high rent, no? Was he hoping he would take his sign and move? It's all stupid.

Meanwhile in Nashville, based on what I have been reading for the past couple of years, it is only a matter of time before we will be greeted with the allowance of LED signs just about anywhere. Joy.

Lannae said...

Can't wait for the new Thai to go into that trailer because it is fairly close to downtown where I work. I didn't like the PTK (based on only disliking 3 out of 3 dishes I ordered) and never went back. I hope the next one is better. What I really miss are those Memphis Style smoked wings at the Most Wanted Pizza (pizza was only ok, but those wings, yum!).