Thursday, September 17, 2009

Zavos Closed for Repairs and Where’s the Beef?

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Zavos Closed for Repairs

Zavos fans are going to have to get their Greek food fix somewhere else for awhile. The East Nashville restaurant just announced that they are temporarily closing for repairs. Here is the note:

Zavo's will be closed for the near future, indefinitely, until repairs and maintenance can be completed. Sorry for the inconvenience. We'll keep you posted...
Thanks, MGMT

We talked with them last night and it seems the closure may just be for a few days or a week. We wish them the best with whatever needs to be done, and we’ll update you when they open up again.

Where’s the Beef?

We receive e-mails from various corporate restaurant chains from time to time. This one caused the Veggie Eater to collapse in fits of laughter. She explains:

So the following e-mail really was sent to us by a representative of Hardee’s:

“Just a quick note to let you know that what you see is not what you have to get. Hardee’s has a variety of vegetarian, low carb and gluten-free options that aren’t listed on the menu:

Frisco Breakfast Sandwich, no cheese and butter; Charbroiled Chicken Club packed in a fresh whole-leaf lettuce wrap; Thickburger, no meat, but premium produce and all the fixings… At Hardee’s you can order anything on the menu any way you like it. No gluten? No meat? No problem. Low carb? Consider it done.

Your readers can visit for some ideas and to download a coupon to make their own flavor experiment. "

OK, so I appreciate the attempt to accommodate the veggie eaters of the world. I rarely eat fast food because 1)I much rather save my cash for a real meal, 2)most of it is really terrible for you, and 3)there are very slim pickings for a veggie eater on most fast few menus. So I find myself drawn to the website to see what the veggie offerings are. Were you aware the side salad has no meat on it and can be ordered as is? You can order a bacon cheese biscuit without the bacon. And the last one really had me on the floor; they’re serious…just order the thick burger, minus the thick burger. You too can have a bun with burger fixings only. I’m pretty sure that the veggie version is still full priced, despite the fact that it is comprised of 50 cents worth of ingredients.

I don’t know about the other veggie eaters of the world, but I was already fully cognizant that it was possible to order a side salad or a cheese and egg muffin/biscuit from virtually any fast food joint. How ‘bout subbing some grilled veggies for that thick burger? Or the easier cop out would simply be to offer a veggie burger as substitute for any of their sandwiches…I’ve been a veggie eater married to a meat eater for many years and have learned to be fairly adaptable and unflappable. What I find humorous and irksome is that they tout veggie friendliness, but really only are veggie accommodating.


Steve said...


My wife and I are new to Nashville. She is a vegetarian and I am not. It seems more difficult for vegetarians around here than it was up in Boston. But it seems like a great place to be a carnivore! I'd like to try all the BBQ, meat and threes, hot chicken places, etc., but don't want to drag my wife there to find she can only have a baked potato or mac and cheese. We usually end up going to an Indian or Thai place... but these don't seem very "Nashville."

Do you have a list of a few places we can go where there will be something for both of us, and which also has some flavor of Nashville?

Any help would be appreciated. I enjoy your blog a lot.


Eric and Katie said...

That's a really good question Steve...and we'll have to contemplate. We'll put out a list of our top three next week. We may also ask for a guest opinion from mIKES who also has a veggie-meaty family situation. Thanks for reading!

ceeelcee said...

Yeah, I got that Hardee's presser too. I want that two minutes of my life back that I spent clicking through to see that I could order a Thickburger, hold the burger.

I sincerely hope that Zavos isn't closed for maintenance like Ombi was. That ended poorly.

Rooting for them!

Eric and Katie said...

ceeelcee: yeah, we're rooting for Zavos too. and as far as Hardee's goes...gotta be at least one vegetarian in that marketing department cringing as the news release was sent out.

Lannae said...

LOL! I did not get this press release, thank goodness! I LMAO! I am sorry, a gross hamburger bun with wilted lettuce, mealy tomato, onion, ketchup and mustard isn't what I would call a "premium lunch". And, vegetarian breakfast biscuit without the cheese, ham and egg may be vegetarian, but made with transfat heavy oleo and an unhealthy sugar boost to the blood stream.

Carrie said...

I drove by Zavos today and there were giant "Seized by the US Government" signs on the door. Does this mean they're in foreclosure, or seized for tax purposes? If so, that would be a shame because the food was so outstanding. :(