Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Amish Road Trip

Nashville Restaurants and Food
Marion, Kentucky

Good news and bad news about our recent daytrip to Marion, Kentucky. The bad news: Marion itself is pretty damn boring and way overhyped by tourism marketers. The good news: We stopped at Marion Pit Barbecue which on this day was excellent. They have a bit of a reputation in these parts and a really simple menu - just pulled pork barbecue and a few of the usual sides. All of that attention to one cut of pig really shows. It’s an awesome, juicy barbecue sandwich. Add some of their hot barbecue sauce, a slice of onion and a pickle? Awesome.

Why did we think that Marion, Kentucky could be fun? A bunch of Amish folks moved there in the 1970’s and set up a small community. It is much more open than other Amish areas. They have active business ventures operating off their farms. One Yoder is selling baked goods and the next sells eggs. You can drive around a maze of rural roads and stop in every now and then and check out what they have for sale. Quite frankly the stuff for sale at most places isn’t that remarkable, which probably shouldn’t be surprising since they are not out to impress. Much of this trade is for their neighbors and the tourists are an afterthought. The simple white bread loaves were fine (we still prefer Schlabach’s in Guthrie) However, they also sell quite a bit of stuff from Ohio (not sure why Amish stuff from across the country is supposed to be better than anything else). Still, for us the trip was well worth the travel time (a little over two hours). We had a chance to see draft horses in action and working farms simplified with tried and true methods. And I’m still thinking about that barbecue sandwich.

Marion Pit Barbecue
728 S Main St

Marion, KY
(270) 965-3318


ceeelcee said...

Did they have any mutton? I've always heard that Western KY had great bbq mutton but have never tried it.

Thanks for the honest heads up, as always.

Eric and Katie said...

ceeelcee: yeah, I was on a lookout for mutton, but I guess that's more the Owensboro area. I tried to find barbecue mutton in Bowling Green, but the joint serving it must have shut down. Any tips readers for barbecue mutton close to Nashville?

Tab said...

If you're looking for mutton, the place to go is (I believe the name is) Johnsons. The little place is located between Pemborke and Hopkinsville. Awesome mutton and a very reasonable price. In fact, although I live in Nashville now, I still make the drive if I don't want the hassle of fixing the meat myself.