Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Supporting the Locals

Nashville Restaurants and Food
Supporting the Locals

It’s a hard time for local indie restaurants. If we want to see our favorite places survive we need to get out there and support them. We hit up two funky, fun East Nashville spots on Saturday. We had a couple of beers at Family Wash, which continues to provide a cozy bar/restaurant atmosphere that makes you feel right at home. The food coming out of the tiny barside kitchen was really tempting. Then it was across the street to Zavos for dinner. They reopened this week after a brief battle with the tax man. All is right in the food department. Mom was keeping it simple for this night, sticking to the menu standards. That’s just fine with us. Pastitsio (kind of a Greek lasagna with meat and bechamel sauce) and Youvarlakia (lemon, rice and meat ball soup) are comforting ways to warm up on a chilly evening. The decadent pitas go well with everything. It’s nice to have Zavos back open and cooking again.

The Family Wash
2038 Greenwood Ave
(615) 226-6070

1115 Porter Rd
(615) 258-4637


Carrie said...

I went to Family Wash Saturday night as well. Next, I must hit Zavos...yum. It's great to have them back.

Suzyfein said...

Great post! Wish I lived closer to East Nashville. Love Family Wash, and will definitely try Zavos soon.

Eric and Katie said...

It's a great little corner...part of what is a developing network of great little retail corners in East Nashville and Inglewood.