Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wild Cow Opening

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Wild Cow Opening

Big flavors and big crowds marked the opening party at the Wild Cow vegetarian restaurant in East Nashville last Saturday. It was a benefit for the non-profit East C.A.N. The staff cooked up a bunch of items off the menu and served it buffet style. First taste shows real promise: bold seasoning, great textures and a diversity of styles. Think vegetarian is bland? Try the veggie chili which boasts both heat and depth. Mock chicken salad goes the other direction using apple and grapes to make a bright, sweet spread in between nutty whole grain bread. Items are marked vegan or vegan on request and the menu says they will have some gluten free options. Seitan, tempeh and tofu all have different textures, chewy for one dish and silky for another, and they each have unique and pleasing flavor. Herby homemade hummus, airy sweet potatoes, refreshing organic teas…we could go on for a while, but we’ll make another trip for a real review in the coming weeks.

The Talking Heads followed by the Ramones provided a punky 70’s vibe to the evening. People kept pouring in the door and the staff churned out the food to keep them happy. It’s a happy and comfortable space and we look forward to seeing what they do in the future. They just started regular hours this week...and are not open on Tuesdays. See the web site for details.

The Wild Cow
1896 Eastland Avenue
(615) 262-2717



mIKES said...

Wait - wait! You were there at the opening? What time? Myself and the wife got there right at 5PM. By time we left, less than 25 minutes later we *had* to leave out of respect for the customers who were on line - out the door and 30 feet down the sidewalk. I did not sample the food - I have a sinus infection that kills my sense of smell and taste. I wish I were dead.

Eric and Katie said...

That's funny...Kate wondered if you guys would be there. Yes, we were there around the same time..we figured we'd get in before it became too crowded. Sorry to hear about the sinuses. I think you'll all be able to happily eat at The Wild Cow. What did your wife think?

Courtney said...

Thanks SO much for linking our East CAN website! Much appreciated.