Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Hendersonville Barbecue Joint

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New Barbecue in Hendersonville

The kitschy Americana thing is all over the place these days. At most places it seems touristy and fake. For whatever reason that's not the vibe I get at Tom's Blue Moon Bar-B-Que in Hendersonville. Sure, you've got antique tin chewing tobacco ads and sacks of potatoes sitting in a carefully arranged pile. Combine that with a huge room, vintage rock and country on the stereo and you have a fun family place. You can get a scoop of complementary peanuts at the door and toss the shells on the floor. The waitresses are friendly and perhaps practicing their sassy. You can easily see kids having fun running around the joint and no one getting annoyed.

I know, I know...get to the point. The barbecue is pretty decent at first taste. Since they've only been open a couple of weeks I'll save a real review for down the road. Tom and his wife Lisa have been doing the barbecue competition circuit for the last eight years. You can tell they take smoke seriously as soon as the plate hits the table. The hickory aroma permeates the ribs, and the pink meat testifies. There's a bold and salty rub that certainly makes a statement. The pulled pork is tender, with bits of bark. The sauces are light and compliment the meat.

They serve up a wide variety of smoked meats: bologna, turkey, chicken, brisket, sausage, ribs and pulled pork. Brunswick stew and bar-b-que chili stand out on the menu, and will bear a return trip.

Tom's Blue Moon Bar-B-Que
104 Sanders Ferry


ULIKA BBQ said...

your beating us to the punch on these bbq places. You don't happen to know what team name Tom competes under do you?

Eric and Katie said...

Hey Ulika guys- I work up in Sumner County so I've just been stumbling on them. Nice to see new places opening. I'm not sure what team name he used. His last name is Ferrell I think. The menu says they won the Tennessee State Championship in 2005 and two top calls at Jack Daniels. That rub was really strong and salty, but otherwise the ribs were perfectly cooked. I'm headed back in a couple of weeks to see what happens. Real interested in the brisket too, considering the ribs.

Anonymous said...

I guess you need to go there when it is busy. My opinion. It will be 6 months ( maybe ) until the doors are locked. The had great Blues music on the speaker system, but the BBQ was cold, not warm, but cold. Did I mention the great music?The fries were luke warm,did I mention the great music?I have eaten in that building since the days of Quincy's.Watched them come and go, and I expect the latter for this current owner. Did I mention the music? I would have felt more comfortable, being seated on a brick wall. They need to get rid of the old junk chairs,have table service and a more friendly atmosphere.Did I mention the great music?