Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Top 3 for Winter

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Top 3 for Winter

And a nasty winter it has been, and not just weather wise. We continue to lose some good restaurants. Happily we picked up three new ones, and judging from early business they are doing pretty well. Here are our Top 3 new restaurants for winter 2009-2010:

1. Silly Goose: This sunny East Nashville eatery is fun and inventive. Chef Roderick Bailey is willing to take some chances in that tiny kitchen and his creations are upscale cuisine at casual prices.

2. Porta Via: We’ve complained for some time about wanting a casual and warm Italian joint to get good pizza and pasta. Porta Via fits the bill in the pizza department, with super crisp Neapolitan pies. The pasta isn’t quite as good, but some interesting sandwiches and salads make up for it. Make sure you get some of the rosemary bread- it’s simply the crispy pizza dough with olive oil, rosemary and salt. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

3. Smiling Elephant: A homey interior and concise flavors make this a nice addition to the Thai food scene here in Nashville. Dishes can range from delicate (pad Thai) to intense (green curry). The variety is enjoyable.


yazzwho said...

The rosemary bread? We get it every time we go without even asking. We even went there the other day for wine and gelato - (we overate at Local Taco but wanted dessert).

Even then we got those wunnerful strips o' dough. And we polished them off (ughh - full~~!)

nancy at goodfoodmatters said...

We are in complete agreement--I love all three of these places, each unique and delicious, and have enjoyed repeat visits.

mIKES said...

I have solved a potential problem with the leftover Porta Via pizza. Went on Thursday evening and brought home 3/4 of a pie(!).

The trick to revive this type of dough is to use a lidded cast iron skillet. Preheat it for a while and drop the slices in. It will char the bottom a little more doing this, but what an amazing recovery.

I imagine you could do the same thing in a oven with a stone, but to get the same heat level would take an hour or more of energy wasted.

Eric and Katie said...

Yazzwho..yeah, Porta Via didn't do that for some orders at first. I'm sure they now realize that it's a highlight for folks. Nancy, thanks, it's so nice to have inventive new places in a down economy...and by the way Katie is going to make the polenta torta this weekend. mIKES...that's a creative way to reheat pizza. I would think the char keeps it close to the original consistency. Excellent kitchen detective work!