Friday, April 23, 2010

El Paisa Does Rock!

Nashville Restaurants and Food
El Paisa
Gallatin Pike N at One Mile Parkway

I took Citizen Taco's advice (The Austin resident recently did a Nashville taco truck tour and called this number one...scroll down a couple of stories to see) and hit El Paisa today for lunch. They are certainly a cut above the rest. Tacos are deceptively simple. A great taco has to have everything just right. At El Paisa they put each side of the standard two corn tortilla combo on the grill for a nice, crisp browning. The carnitas (fried pork) is moist and nicely seasoned. The barbacoa (pork barbecue) is also moist and tasty. Each one gets a generous topping of finely chopped cilantro and onion. Radish and lime are on the side to add to taste. These are excellent tacos. It makes me wonder about other menu items like ceviche tostado, tortas and gorditas. They offer up chicken by the 1/4. Given that pork the pollo might be the next stop. Other gringos were coming in, no doubt driven by the Internet buzz. Thanks to the Nashvillest for originally spotting the Citizen Taco Nashville tour entry on Serious Eats.


mIKES said...

I mustered the nerve Friday past after a trip to Lowes and stopped. Ordered 4 tacos and was impressed. I simply cannot figure out how they get those corn tortillas, typically leaden, to be as light as air. The toppings are a perfect match and the sauces ought to be sold by the quart. Not being satisfied with Fridays trip and coincidentally out on Nolensville Sayurday past, I stopped at two other that were reviewed by Citizen Taco and they too are a real treat. These tacos, like "real" bagels, are tiny in the perfect sense of proportion. 4 tacos is an exact sized meal and immensely satisfying. As is my obsessive-compulsive style, this is all I am going to eat for the next 6 months. Then I'll hit the wall, heh.

Anna Altic said...

Just tried the tacos and it was a race between my husband, me, and my 10 year old son for getting the last one. You mentioned curiosity about the gordita and I want to reassure it's worth a second trip back that thing was moan out loud good.