Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Get Downtown

Downtown businesses have been walloped by the recent weather. The flooding and power outages have caused major problems. Many have reopened and hopefully Nashville folks can help out by visiting soon. We were chatting with the folks at Piranhas last weekend. While the flooding didn't cause problems there the power outage did. They've had the beer taps and now the grill open for some time now. The Hard Rock and Big River Grille both reopened last weekend. Past Perfect was back in business more than a week ago. The honky tonks are buzzing and the beer is flowing. There are a couple of places along Second Avenue, including the Wild Horse that may take longer and clean-up trucks are everywhere. Parking is kind of a pain due to all of the bagged meters for that clean-up work. Still, you know where to find the good spots. If you get a chance stop by for lunch or a few beers. And for all of you potential visitors...we're back open for business and downtown is swinging again. Swig a PBR and watch some Bluegrass at Layla's or check out all the boots at Robert's.


Lannae said...

So, I did eat at Paradise Park Trailer Resort for lunch during Eat Out For Nashville and they have a mighty fine burger! I was surprised, I enjoyed! The other day I went to Jack's while there wasn't a line at lunch. It so happens that I think everything is downtown is near the Peanut Shop in the Arcade, so of course I swung into there for some mega malted milk balls and other necessary candy. And then off to the Urban Market to buy fruit to get "healthy" again. Most everything is back open and the getting is good while there are no lines! Com'on down!