Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Farm House Opens and Greenlight Grits

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The Farm House Opens

The Fontanel mansion in Whites Creek has been going through a transformation of sorts. It’s been a celebrity retreat and video production location for years. Recently, the former home of Barbara Mandrell has been turned into a performance, event and tourist destination by owners Dale Morris and Marc Oswald. Part of the operation is a new restaurant called the Farm House. Tom Morales of TomKats Catering and Loveless CafĂ© fame is involved in the project. It certainly feels like a big production. It’s a huge room with towering ceilings. It’s only been open a little more than a week and already the crowds are filling the place. It’s a mass-market, Cracker Barrel kind of feel inside. They do have live music on a small stage. Friday night a bluegrass group entertained diners.

The menu ranges through Southern classics and some hybrid ideas. Butter bean dip was described by our waitress as “Southern hummus”. Well, it was pretty good, even if served in an odd, squat mason jar and with a couple of crackers in plastic for dipping. Some work to do there. You’ll find fried chicken, meatloaf, deviled eggs, pimento cheese sandwiches…all the usual suspects. They stir up some interest with more inventive menu items such as cornbread “Panzanella” salad and a tofu, potato hash and egg skillet. We’ll get back and have a review in a few weeks, once they’ve had a chance to settle in.

They are using local products, proudly touting the list on the menu. That’s always appreciated. News releases have hinted at a brewery and perhaps distillery in the future, although that’s been subject to neighborhood scrutiny. It’s a nice facility, supposedly with public trails. We look forward to seeing what they offer in terms of concerts.

The Farm House is serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s just a couple of miles off of Briley Parkway on Whites Creek Pike.


Grinding Grits

Greenlight Deli has been open at 2905 12th Avenue South for about a month. We popped in last weekend and found them selling Falls Mills grits. The Belvidere company is one of our favorites for grits: hearty and creamy. We had a chat with Greenlight owner Brent Woodard. He described his own grit quest: from corn procurement to grinding. He expects to have the results for sale soon- he’s just looking for the right bags. We’re all for artisan grits. Greenlight sells produce, fresh eggs, milk, pasta and meats. It’s a small store so you may need to ask what they have in stock. It’s just down the street from Burger Up, on the newly bustling end of the 12 South strip.


Ed King said...

Farm House's 'Bob White Trout' is amazing...with succotash and I suggest you order scalloped potatoes on the side. Great cornbread. I'll be going back. When they get a liquor license, my friends will be going back, too.