Sunday, June 13, 2010

Top 3 for Spring 2010

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Top 3 for Spring 2010

Ah, spring: the smell of flowers; the odor of your loved one- having not showered for a week; the look of brown sludge coating the streets. It’s been a tough spring here in Nashville and many people will be in recovery mode for months to come. There were a couple of bright spots on the restaurant scene this spring. We couldn’t include a couple of great new joints that we have visited but haven’t reviewed yet. Needless to say they will make it into the running for the Summer Top 3. For now, here are our Top 3 favorite new restaurants for Spring 2010.

1. Holland House: It’s nice to see East Nashville spreading out a bit. Holland House is a lively and whimsical outpost. The cocktails are the stars and the expanding food menu shows some promise. Nashville needs more joints like this.

2. Havana Grill: This Madison restaurant just recently moved into a new, spacious location on the Gallatin Pike strip. The food is down home Cuban with robust flavors and filling portions. Try the Congris and you’ll never wish for white rice again. This isn’t diet food and it’s probably not for vegetarians. For everyone else- el cerdo, por favor!

3. Lucky Bamboo: This selection is likely to inspire fist fights. We think Lucky Bamboo is a welcome addition to the Nashville restaurant scene. It’s far from perfect and yet seems to be improving. The fun of dim sum is just one reason to include this West Nashville Chinese restaurant. The clattering carts, and multitude of doughy and dumpling-y treats makes for an enjoyable weekend morning. The traditional Chinese menu provides some tasty dishes you can’t get at most other places in Nashville. Service can be troublesome or very good. We think Lucky Bamboo may just keep getting better.


Jack said...

We also love Holland House as a good new walking distance addition to our neighborhood. In related news, Mas Tacos Por Favor is opening a storefront tacqueria soon right across the street from Holland House. Fantastic.

Eric and Katie said...

very cool news...that would make for quite the up and coming neighborhood!

Lannae said...

I agree, all the drinks I tasted when we were at HH were really good. The small plates need work.

And about LB, there still is issue with dim sum temperature as it reaches the table and frozen premade foods, but dim sum has significantly gotten better (it could not have gotten much worse in the 1st couple months). There are some Shanghai style small plates being served as dim sum, and those are made in house, fresh and good, and would be really good if they could be served piping hot. I am now able to go to LB because they have improved enough for dim sum.