Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cockeyed Pig, Rooster's and Tapas

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Cockeyed Pig, Rooster's and Tapas

A first visit to Belcourt Taps and Tapas shows eclectic decorating in a cozy Hillsboro bungalow. The house has been converted into a mellow little dining room and bar. They have quite a ways to go to get the small plate restaurant up to full steam. The pleasant rustic mustard and crimson walls need some adornment. The simple menu shows promise. It’s a selection of cheeses and breads in an appetizer format, with some pan-European and Southern influenced small plate dishes. Prices and portion sizes are still a big issue, shown by the slash through three dollars for toast points on the menu to read one dollar. We found the three dollars spent on a tiny piece of cornbread (thoughtfully sliced into four microscopic sections) to be absolutely outrageous. There is much time to get these things sorted out and the food we tasted showed thoughtful touches from the kitchen. There are no taps as of yet (they are waiting on a beer license..they do have high gravity bottled beer). They have a meager wine list for a tapas joint (please…Spanish reds or Shiraz?). This type of restaurant would be a great addition to Hillsboro Village dining. We will pop in again in a few weeks to see how things are going.

Belcourt Taps and Tapas
2117 Belcourt Ave.

Rooster's Southern Smokehouse has closed up shop in Gallatin after just a short stint in the business. It’s a shame because the ribs were some of the best in Sumner County. The odd location probably didn’t help matters much. Meanwhile, the Cockeyed Pig has picked up the hickory flame and is turning out barbecue in a roadhouse style atmosphere a couple of miles down the road. Aside the great name (the logo is a pig hugging a chicken) the food is pretty decent. The ribs were tender and with a nice char. The meat is really laid back in the seasoning department and yet perfectly cooked. Just a little bit of the tangy hot barbecue sauce brings it all alive. Pulled pork proved to be plenty moist and with nice chunks of bark here and there. The thick, grilled cornbread pancakes were excellent and after the cornbread experience noted above, provided quite a laugh from this eater. The entire meal was $12 with tax and tip.

Cockeyed Pig
1581 East Broadway


MJS said...

The Cockeyed Pig has some really great food. The roadhouse beans are very thick and flavorful, almost like a chili. The smoked sausage is outstanding. The brisket has a nice smoke flavor, but can be a bit dry at times.

Eric and Katie said...

MJS: I think there is another round of Cockeyed Pig in my near future. Nice to have good barbecue in Gallatin.