Friday, July 9, 2010

First Visit to the Blind Pig No. 55

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First Visit to the Blind Pig No. 55

Upscale barbecue? And on the same street as upscale burgers? Isn’t 12 South fancy lately. The Blind Pig No. 55 just opened in the same building that used to house Mirror. It’s a big room with a bunch of sports bar TVs and some of the most desperate exposed “brick” decorating that we have ever seen (please people, let it go- if the exposed “brick” hasn't been exposed in a semi-natural way it just looks silly.) The patio completely rocks. It’s large enough for a good crowd and that section of 12th South is getting pretty vibrant, given the patio crowds across the street at the 12th South Taproom and Mafiaoza's.

The smoker is puffing outside and a chef is checking that pork. All that leads to a bit of a wait. Not a problem thanks to the attentive wait staff. Probably the big headline from our first visit is the array of creative and tasty side dishes. This place seems to do best when the chefs get a chance to stretch a little and try new things. Witness the Potato Cake with Russian dressing. Kinda boring? Kinda out of place? Not at all. It’s almost crab cake like in construction and cooking, leaving a moist interior and crispy shell. Poblano and corn pudding. Blue cheese sweet potatoes. The Veggie Eater has a big kudos to the creative folks who have decided barbecue could use some reinforcement.

The meat line-up itself covers the usual ground: Memphis baby back ribs, St. Louis style ribs, pulled pork, smoked chicken and lamb. They have entrees designed to break the barbecue mold: hickory grilled trout, chipotle marinated steak and lemon garlic chicken.

This is the latest concept from the high power ownership responsible for Watermark and Miro District. Look for prices above your normal barbecue joint. And a number of other interesting dishes that we have yet to mention. Why? Because we still have to do a formal review. This is just a preview and we have already probably said too much.

The Blind Pig No. 55
2317 12th Avenue South


Pete said...

I’ve heard nothing but good things so far. A friend recently went and hasn’t stopped raving about the peanut butter chocolate cup dessert.

Lannae said...

It will take a lot for P & F to go back, and I will not go back. The brisket came out shaved, looked like a soggy Steakumms (we called it Mis-Steakumms when I lived in Phila), not sliced or chopped. It was a watery grey mess on the plate. It had no smoke ring, it had no smoky flavor. It seemed like it was sitting in a pan of water on a steam table. I asked if it was a boil or roast beef, or a smoked beef, and they claimed smoked, but there was no evidence of this. The lamb was better. The ribs looked completely dried out. The onion rings were cooking in cold oil, mushy thick batter without crunch, completely under cooked, raw onion with crunch, and plain bad. The other sides, greens were ok but served cool and they were supposed to be hot, and the sweet potatoes might have been ok if they were piping hot as well, but they were not. And I got food poisoning that I was so sick that evening and the next couple of days. I just cannot go back there after being that ill. Possibly for a drink, but never again for the food. But then again, there are some real BBQ joints, many you have blogged about, that I will frequent for some good BBQ.

Danny said...

I agree with Lannae. I went with the Memphis Style ribs. Sub-par at best. I'm just glad I didn't get sick.

Eric and Katie said...

Wow..not a good experience Lannae, glad to hear you are doing better. Danny...I keep wondering if they are just getting their barbecue bearings... although considering the ownership you would figure they would have a good game plan going in. We need to give it another try before we can comment on the meat end of things.

David said...

I loved the poblano and corn pudding. The sauces need work. (They need a habanero sauce). The pig burger was good but the fried green tomato kind of overpowered it. I would take it off and eat it separately. Great fries and great bartender (Ashley).