Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Choripan and a Medium Rare Encounter

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Spicy, juicy and rich sausage, fresh chimichurri, a thin slice of tomato and dense, chewy bread. This Choripan has it going on at the West Nashville Farmers Market. It's a simple sandwich with every ingredient out of this world. Gitano is the sandwich craftsman for "Cuisine of Buenos Aires", basically a converted hot dog cart. He says the key is cooking the sausages just so. I have to say they may be some of the better sausages I've had in Nashville and Gitano could only tell me that he gets them at the East Nashville Farmers Market. Please dear readers, help me in this quest. What sausage vendor could this be? I would assume they don't sell at the West Nashville Farmers Market. Meanwhile, the Veggie Eater is enjoying an eggplant and tomato sandwich. The finale for both of us to share is a lovely panqueque: a thick crepe covered in dulce de leche and then rolled up with goat cheese. Sweet, creamy and slightly salty all combine for a first class dessert. Talk about  park food. Gitano says he'll be selling his Argentinian sandwiches for the foreseeable future on Saturday's at the West Nashville Farmers Market in Richland Park.

A recent trip to El Mirador showed that the Nolensville Road joint is still serving up quality Mexican food. Steaks can be hit and miss in a Mexican restaurant. I ordered mine medium-rare at El Mirador and was flabbergasted when it actually came out that way. Usually they're well done and pounded flatter than a pancake. The house named El Mirador steak was a tasty, marinated t-bone and reasonably tender given the thin cut. Rolled up in some house made corn tortillas (hot off the press) with some fresh, creamy guacamole and pico de gallo and I had an excellent lunch. The Veggie Eater enjoyed her chile relleno, which came in a Guatemalan style omelet style batter: very light and eggy. They're still doing the little plate of curtido slaw and refried beans as a free starter and the chunks of onion and little bits of pepper give the salsa some serious kick. Speaking of which they don't mess around with the grilled jalapenos. Even the usually spice loving Veggie Eater was impressed by the heat. Here's a link to the previous review:

El Mirador was a fine back up plan after we found that Nica's Restaurant, the new Nicaraguan place on McCall Street, has succumbed to some sort of problem. There is an eviction notice on the door and neighbors tell us the restaurant is history. We wish the kind ladies who ran the place the best of luck.


Pete said...

Their molcajete and fresh tortillas might by single favorite dish at any Mexican restaurant in Nashville. I’m eager to try out some their seafood soup. Thanks for the reminder, I need to pay them a visit soon.

Pete said...

Wow apparently I can't do two things at once.

*my and *of

yeah that's better.

Ed King said...

Next time you go to El Mirador, ask them to bring out the 'hot sauce'. They'll probably deliver is the typical red sauce and it's good.

But the REAL WINNER is the GREEN STUFF. It's made from avocados, jalapenos (LOTS of them) and sour cream. It's incredibly HOT...but the TASTE of it will knock you out. I ended up putting a bit on EVERYTHING on my plate and before I knew it, MI BOCA ES EN FUEGO!!!!! But it's heat WITH flavor. You rarely get that. El Mirador reminds me of my childhood when I visited Olvera St. in L.A. It's THAT good.

Veggie Eater said...

I did in fact ask for the salsa verde, after spying it on the table next to me. I, too, found it delighful and liberlly accessorized my relleno and enchilda. If you like this, be sure to try Fogotas' verde, which is hot, smokey, and very complex

Lannae said...

Ed King, I too grew up enjoying Olvera St! I loved it there. I believe you if you say that the Green Sauce is the sh*t! Yum I love that type of sauce!