Sunday, August 22, 2010

Korean Taco Joint Opens in Bordeaux

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Peter Chinn’s Korean Barbecue Taco

The Korean barbecue taco just makes sense. Any decent taco is built on flavorful meat and Korean barbecue joints know how to do meat right. Peter Chinn’s is the latest entrant in the Nashville Korean taco race. It’s a tiny take out shack on Clarksville Highway (just south of Rosa Parks) and even in the first weeks of life they’re putting out quality food. Why do we say all this now and before our real review? Get down there people. This location has seen several different restaurants in the last couple of years.

The Korean taco trend started in L.A. in 2008 with Kogi Korean BBQ-To-Go. The taco truck set off a statewide stampede. Now you can find Korean taco trucks in cities all up and down the west coast and spreading across the country. The key is well marinated meat and careful attention to the Asian inspired slaw. A couple of Nashville taco joints feature Korean tacos, including Local Taco. As far as I can tell Peter Chinn’s may be the first place in Nashville to actually specialize in Korean tacos.

Chinn’s tacos may not be as dressed up, complex or spicy as the west coast originals, but they are quite good. The spicy pork taco is a standout with a hot-sweet flavor, generously mounded on two corn tortillas. The tacos are topped with an onion, cabbage and carrot based slaw, brought pleasantly to life with what appears to be sesame oil and rice vinegar. The kogi beef short rib is tender, with a little char and a savory mellow flavor. Hell, even the fish sandwich is tasty, with a breading that may be one of the better in town. Did we mention the kimchi quesadilla? And folks, let us relay the best part: $2 per taco and they don’t skimp on the stuffing.

Show the ladies who run the carry-out joint some love and maybe we can keep this one going. We’ll have a full review soon.

Peter Chinn’s Korean Barbecue Taco
2712 Clarksville Pike
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Lannae said...

Thanks for the heads up, and I can't wait to try this place. I really do like kalbi flavored beef, and I love street food. It is a perfect match.

Eric and Katie said...

Lannae: It's pretty simple stuff right now. I'm hoping if they do well they might get a bit more adventurous.

Pickled and Fried said...

We've been reading about korean taco phenomenon. We'll head there very soon.

Pete said...

Wow this sounds perfect, can't wait to try them out.

Reminds of the ever so popular Kogi truck in LA.

Susan at Charm of the Carolines said...

Korean BBQ tacos? Amazing! Can't wait to try it. Thanks for the great post.


37115 said...

I ate there yesterday after reading your review. We tried the spicy pork tacos, the steak quesadilla, and the kimchi quesadilla. The steak quesadilla was fairly ordinary, but the rest was outstanding. Thanks for the heads-up.

Pete said...

Not bad at all for being open only a few weeks. Peter is super friendly and very excited that people are finding out about his place. We had the chicken, kogi, and the spicy pork. My wife commented that the chicken was perfectly cooked and that she didn't mind the slightly sweet/pickled lettuce & onion topping. I thought the kogi was really cooked perfectly with a very nice sweet marinade. The spicy pork was equally as good, although, I wish it had a bit more kick to it. We'll definitely be back...

Lannae said...

Went after work and picked up some tacos for dinner. Got beef and pork. I really like these tacos, spicy pork, lettuce, slaw and orange sauce is just really a great combo. Quite possibly my favorite tacos in town.

Downside, I ordered extra kimchi on the tacos ($1 per) and they stiffed me on the kimchi, so I had $3 tacos instead of $2.

Other downside, I was aggressively got hit up for money, and then aggressively hit up for more money and nearly again, as I sat in my car waiting for the taco gal to hand me my tacos. I would have been aggressively hit up again I am sure if I didn't act like the crazy b*tch that I am. That is a 1st for me in Nashville, I guess I am due. It brought back memories of my Phila days for sure.