Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nashville Farmers Market Restaurants Back Open

It was a busy Saturday at the Nashville Farmers Market and for the first time in a long time you could combine shopping with lunch. Some of the market house restaurants finally reopened last week. There's still plenty of work to be done in flood recovery, but it's good to see signs of life.

Nooleys, Chicago Style Gyros, B and C Market and El Burrito Mexicano are all back in business. We stopped by Swagruha Indian to find plenty of happy customers in line. As usual they were serving up really good and rather spicy Southern Indian dishes and considering that they let you sample just about everything they have, it has to be one of the best quality food bargains in the city. The NFM Facebook page says that Jamaicaway just opened. Fleur de Lis snowball shaved ice is operating out of a mobile unit in one of the sheds. Swett's leaves a big hole in the market house and they are not returning.

There is good news in regards to the International market: they appear to be getting closer to having the new location further inside the market house up and running. It looks like it will have a welcome amount of space. Although it was kind of fun squeezing down the claustrophobic aisles looking for an unusual chutney or spicy ajvar.

The folks at Garrett Farms tell us that they are moving their Angus beef operation inside the market house in the old International Market location. They are currently selling from seven freezers in the main shed. We picked up some stew meat and bacon for Peru night at our house (coriander beef stew and papas a la huancaina).

The main shed was busy and spilling out into the second shed with the addition of Delvin Farms and a new meat purveyor from Kentucky called Emerald Glen Farm.

The Farmers Market will have an event on Friday, August 13 at 10:45am to celebrate the re-opening with free samples and giveaways. Mayor Karl Dean will be on hand and Mr. Mayor we'd recommend the goat curry from Swagruha, carnitas at El Burrito, wings from B and C, a po-boy from Nooleys and falafel at Chicago Style, all of which will then of course require a snowball for dessert.


nancy at good food matters said...

thanks for getting this good info out---swett's does leave a big hole---but there's good news to come about what will take its place---will make many of us very happy---stay tuned to NFM updates.

Eric and Katie said...

Thanks Nancy....we're glad to hear they have something good lined up!

Eric and Katie said...

The NFM Facebook page reports Jamaicaway is back open today....Nancy has us intriqued about the new restaurant...has anyone else heard?

Pickled and Fried said...

Hey guys, thanks for the good news. We love to go on Saturdays for the outdoor market and then inside for lunch. It's a ritual we've missed terribly since the flood.

Hope all is well.