Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Secret is Our Readers

Everyone asks how we find out about so many new and interesting restaurants in the Nashville area. We have several top-secret methods, but quite frankly the best one only requires us checking the inbox. Our readers provide the best tips of all.

The latest comes from several folks who said we needed to check out La Esquina pupuseria at 1326 Antioch Pike (just south of Harding and Antioch). It doesn't look like much from the outside. Inside is a teeny, tiny little dining room and really nice women cooking up platefuls of gooey cheese-filled pupusas, Salvadoran chicken, casamiento black beans and rice, and crema and corn tamales. We'll blow the review for one recommendation: these are some of the best fried plantains we've had in Nashville.

Best of all they have what we like to call "Las Americas" pricing. Those pupsas are about $2 each and the tamales are $1.50.

We have a number of other reader inspired restaurant visits coming up soon. What's your favorite spot, the joint that is just begging for some attention? E-mail us your tips at


Lesley said...

Vegetarian-friendly pupusas? I'm on my way!

Eric and Katie said...

Lesley: Yes, a number of things for the veggie eater to sample...including loroco pupusas, queso, tamales, plantains.

Shannon said...

Cori's Dog House in Mt. Juliet. Trust me. Even veggie eater will love this one!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the veggie-friendly pupusa's should make my husband very, very happy.

I've got a suggestion for you Euro Grill on Antioch Pk

Eric and Katie said...

Shannon- we have heard very good things about Cori's and plan a Wilson county trip soon. Anon, funny you should mention, just hit the Euro Grill for the first time last week. Good burek and I really like the Bosnian tunes on the stereo. Thanks for the tip. We plan another trip and a review soon.

David said...

I thought I was the only one who knew "Las Americas pricing"