Thursday, September 9, 2010

Knead Dough and Lazziz News

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Knead Dough and Lazziz News

Update: Please note the comments for breaking Lazziz news from seems that Ed and all of the other Lazziz fans have encouraged the owners enough to convince them to keep the place open for now. Way to go folks!

Nashville Restaurants reader and man about town Ed King reports that one of his favorite lunch spots is closing. As we reported last February Lazziz has offered a satisfying menu of Persian cuisine and some excellent soups. The owners tell us the last day for Lazziz  will be Sunday. That gives you, us and Ed only a few more days to enjoy their hospitality.

And in other news…

East Coast style pizza seems to be making in-roads in the Nashville area. The latest contestant is Knead Dough pizzeria in Hendersonville. They serve up a classic New York style pie: a mile wide and extremely thin. The first time out and that fine looking slice was a tad undercooked. On the second visit the browned crust literally crackled underneath my fingers- perfect. Quality ingredients make for good toppings. You gotta love a pizza place that even takes the salad dressing seriously. They mix up their own chunky blue cheese dressing (among several house made varieties) for a generous and fresh lunch salad. The slice and salad combo is enough to keep you full all day. The rest of the menu is made up of standards: pasta, hoagies, and chicken wings. They have a decent beer selection, including Rogue and Spaten. It’s a sleek and stylish spot for lunch (although they should really ditch the big painted list describing how you should order) and could be fine for evening dining with the family. I paid $12 for two slices and a salad (far too much food) and then $8 for one slice and a salad.

Knead Dough Pizzeria
230 New Shackle Island Road

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Anonymous said...

WE ate at Lazziz just once. It was interesting. It seems like a popular spot and was a hit with the foodies. Wonder why they're closing?

Ed King said...

We had lunch @ Lazziz today and Massoud, the owner, says he's received over 100 phone calls and people stopping in begging to keep his doors open. So, for now, that's what he's decided to do. GOOD NEWS!

His main complaint was he's had no dinner business. So I hope everyone who reads this will make Lazziz a regular lunch spot so Massoud can keep it going. It's a 13 mile drive for me, each way, but I have to go at least once every week. And I'm getting too old to drive at night (my wife says). Best Koubideh and Zoresh Polo I've had.

Eric and Katie said...

Wow...Ed that's great news. It gives everyone a chance to help keep them going! We'll update the posting.

mIKES said...

I'm sitting in Corsair Saturday chatting with a new patron. The topic is pizza. I'm browsing to your page to look up the address of "A Taste of Italy". He mentions "Knead Dough" the same instant as I hit your lead article on Saturday - this entry. Spooky and awesome.

Eric and Katie said...

mIKES: That's funny. Good pizza is always worth talking about. Went back to Taste of Italy on Friday and had a great meatball sub...the most simplistic of Italian-American dishes and yet they nailed it.