Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rincon Caribeno and the International Market Opens

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Rincon Caribeno and the International Market Opens

Antioch has become a hotbed for cuisine from all sorts of countries. Rincon Caribeno seems to be trying to cover as many bases as possible. The Bell Road restaurant opened up three weeks ago. The chef is from El Salvador and yet the menu stretches across Latin America: Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and Cuba. They even take a run at Peru with the classics lomo saltado and papa a la huancaina. Best of all they have some interesting choices from each of the countries. The yucca with a white Creole garlic butter sauce was a treat: crispy yucca brought to life by the rich, tangy sauce. The Puerto Rican mofongo is a hearty mound of plantains and perhaps yucca, studded with shredded pork. Venezuelan hallaca is basically a tamale filled with chunks of beef and pork and olives. They have a few variations of ceviche and even El Salvadoran dessert empanadas: plantains filled with rice pudding and cinnamon.

The salsa is pumping out on the stereo and even at lunch the place seems fun. We were left wondering how hopping the little bar gets at night. You probably know this location- it used to be Los Rosales. We’ll be back soon for a full review

Ricon Caribeno
1307 Bell Road

The Shreeji International Market in the Nashville Farmers Market opened for business this Saturday. They were planning a move to the new, more spacious location, further inside the Market House. Then came the floods and everything was thrown off track. They finally opened the doors this weekend and everything seems much, much brighter. They were still stocking the shelves when we arrived. You can actually go up and down the aisles without rubbing up against other customers. We do kind of miss the crazy, claustrophobic feel of the old place; however shopping now will be much easier. Shreeji Market specializes in Indian and Pakistani foods with bulk spices and other hard to find items.


Anonymous said...

Do you think this restaurant can be successful in that location? Rosario was primo and it failed. Did you ever have their desserts? The mango cheesecake? I miss that place!

Eric and Katie said...

That's a good question anon...Los Rosales was a well run operation by all appearances, and certainly more than solid in the food department. This location is in a boring, but clean strip mall just a couple of blocks from I-24. I can't imagine better access. We miss Los Rosales as well.