Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ginger First Impressions

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Ginger preview

House made noodles and bold flavors make the new Ginger Thai restaurant worth noting. The modest, yet stylish joint is located just off Thompson Lane, in a new Logan Street strip mall that also houses Laolanexang Oriental Market and a Middle Eastern, African and Asian grocery named the International Food Mart.

We had our first visit this weekend. The flat noodles we sampled at Ginger were tender and the flavorful Thai gravy a savory and worthy accompaniment. They’re not afraid to jack things up a bit with a generous does of lemongrass, kaffir lime and Thai basil, and they cook-up a curry with a spicy kick. We’ll be back soon for the house made udon noodles and another crack at the curry.

2861 Logan Street


Anonymous said...

I had lunch there today and thought it was very good. The salad was simple but fresh and the chicken left a nice tingle in my mouth. I will definitely go back.

Ed King said...

We were going to lunch @ Lazziz today...they've finally CLOSED and re-painted the entire place. Turned it into a USED CAR LOT over night! So we lunched @ Ginger. Let me tell you, this place could become quite the addiction. Exceptional from top to bottom!

Eric and Katie said...

A used car lot already...that is nuts. Sorry to hear they finally succumbed. You did your best Ed to keep them going!