Friday, October 8, 2010

Mas Tacos New Hours and Thai on Thompson

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Friday Odds and Ends

Love the new storefront version of Mas Tacos on McFerrin Avenue? Bummed out about the limited hours? Teresa Mason says she is cracking Saturday hours starting this weekend. It will be kind of an East Nashville brunch thing from 11 am until 3pm with breakfast tacos, cafe con leche, rancheros, churros and whatever else she is cooking up that day. The truck is still going out on weekends and the storefront business has been positively hopping, perhaps even a little crazed at times. It's open Tuesday through Friday from 11am until 8pm and now Saturdays 11am to 3pm. For the latest Mas Tacos developments visit the twitter page  The restaurant is at 732 McFerrin Avenue, just across the street from Holland House. We'll have our review soon.

Thompson Lane is buzzing with new food business lately. There are two new Thai restaurants. Thai Star is under construction and Ginger is already up and running on Logan Street, just off of Thompson Lane.

Next door to Ginger, the International Food Mart has also just opened up shop. It’s perhaps one of the nicest such establishments we’ve seen recently. You can peruse the wares, stacked neatly in the wide aisles and pick up Baraka pita, Abay injera, Bulgarian cheese, or halal meats with a full meat counter. It looks like they have room for expansion as well.


Pete said...

I believe Thai Star closed down it's location on east Thompson in the Kroger shopping plaza. They had one of the best thai iced coffess in town. Let's hope it's the same place.

Franklin said...

Jasmine next to Publix in Cool Springs is my favorite Thai restaurant in Nashville.

Pickled and Fried said...

Pete is right, Thai Star are the same folks from the Kroger shopping plaza.

Eric and Katie said...

Looks like the new Thai Star location will have more traffic, but will be close to the Ginger thai place that just opened. Have you guys ever been to the dive bar down there called Daniela's? It's a biker beer bar that is now serving Cuban food. We had a beer...didn't have the guts to try the food.