Sunday, October 17, 2010

Top 3 for Summer 2010

Nashville Restaurants and Food
Top 3 for Summer 2010

Ah, summer 2010: a scorch mark on our brains. Did we have fun this summer? We think so. It’s hard to remember when the temperature never leaves the 90s. We think we had some really good food this summer. We know we drank far too many Moscow mules.

1. Fogatas

When we hear people say that all Mexican food in Nashville tastes the same we raise an eyebrow or two. There is a big difference between the mediocre joints and the good ones (and that’s not to say that we still don’t have a long way to go). For the most part the better Mexican places in Nashville are going after a primarily Hispanic clientele. That doesn’t mean that the Anglo community is not welcome. Far from it: we find the more authentic places to be fun and comfortable. Will it take you out of your comfort zone? Perhaps. Will you enjoy the adventure? Probably.

All that said Fogatas has become one of the better sit down Mexican food experiences in the Nashville area. They cook to order and clearly care about quality ingredients. They have some misses, but the hits are in the majority.

2. Burger Up

A good burger seems like a simple thing and yet there are so many places that screw it up. Burger Up does the hamburger proud and it’s worth the extra money. Triple L Ranch local beef, topped with Benton’s bacon and Jack Daniels maple ketchup? Damn. A juicy lamb burger covered up in melty boursin cheese? Hot damn. Even the Veggie Eater had a good time.

3. La Esquina

Central American food is taking hold in Middle Tennessee. A number of new joints have opened up in the last year. The best of the bunch is La Esquina in Antioch. This tiny El Salvadoran restaurant serves up tasty dishes with an admirable consistency and attention to detail. Our favorites: fried plantains, crema and corn tamales, pan con pollo (chicken sandwich) and the pupusas.


Anonymous said...

Fogatas just keeps getting better. Still my favorite place for breakfast. Love the huevos con charizo mexicano with fresh corn tortillas. They've recently added some booths. Wish I could eat there every day.