Friday, November 19, 2010

Night Market and Roast, Inc.

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The Nashville Farmers Market Night Market is being held tonight from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. They'll have many of the Saturday vendors on hand, so you can stock up on stuff for the holidays. They promise samples, tastings and perhaps best of all booze (a cash bar.) Visit the web site for details:

I don’t know much about coffee. I do know that I drink too much of it and that my coffee making skills leave something to be desired. That’s why it’s so much fun to see someone taking so much care in brewing a single cup of coffee. Roast, Inc. opened this summer in the Crieve Hall neighborhood of South Nashville. Brad and Lesa Wood take those beans seriously. Brad has the daily bean line-up displayed in glass jars on the counter. They are very picky about where they buy those beans and participate in a farmers Fair Trade arrangement known as farm gate…basically dealing directly with farmers to make sure they get the best price possible.

They roast the beans in small batches. Brad encourages you to take a whiff of the beans before you make your decision. This day brings aromas from Peru, Ethiopia, Brazil and Colombia. The next step is grinding on the spot and the delicate brewing process using the Clever Coffee Dripper. It takes about four minutes to complete. The result: one great cup of coffee. The Peruvian San Carlos proves to be silky smooth, full bodied and bright. At $2.20 with tax it’s also a good deal.

This much fussiness in coffee might bug me in other hands, but it’s clear these owners care about their craft and about sustainable agriculture. Most importantly- they’re having fun doing it. They use whole foods for flavor ingredients and on this day Brad was making up a batch of peanut butter and chocolate coffee. I’ll be back.

Roast, Inc.
4825 Trousdale Drive
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ULIKA BBQ said...

next time you are at Roast, try the siphon pot. It turns out a great cup of coffee.

RJ said...

The specialty mochas are my favorite.