Monday, November 1, 2010

Turnip Truck Opens in the Gulch

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Turnip Truck Opens in the Gulch

The Gulch just got a lot livelier thanks to the new Turnip Truck Urban Fare grocery store on 12th Avenue South. It was a busy opening day Saturday. The store is much bigger than the tiny East Nashville original. You’ll find a meat counter, cheese counter, a salad bar and a hot bar. They have a wide selection of bulk spices, grains and beans, and a large frozen section. Even with the relatively big size of the place it’s still manageable and homey compared to a Whole Foods or even Trader Joes. And we really like supporting local ownership. The airy patio seating provides a nice spot to eat some lunch and view the empty condos down the street.

Opening day brought out all sorts of folks. We spied Allison and Ben from the Pickled and Fried blog emerging with a purchase of mango chips. Justyne Noble was offering samples of Noble Springs Goat cheese. The dill and pickle was a favorite. Lucy Hatcher from Hatcher Family Dairy was handing out samples of their decadent chocolate milk. The Hatcher family has been selling milk at the Turnip Truck for several years. The College Grove dairy produces whole milk with a cream line. You can meet the bovine employees if you want to take a tour:

The Gulch has pretty much been populated by national chain businesses so far. We can hope that the new Turnip Truck and the snazzy Yazoo taproom will signal a turn towards cooler, more interesting, local businesses in the Gulch. And then once those condos fill up we can truly have a vibrant new neighborhood for Nashville.

Turnip Truck Urban Fare
311 12th Ave South


Lannae said...

OMG! Guess who is executive chef there!!! Laura Wilson!!! I finally got back into town from yet another biz trip (or else you would have seen me at the opening too) and have been there trying all the prepared foods on the hot bar and the prepared foods counter. As I was taste testing the best grocery octopus (yes, even better than Maui) I was suspecting someone great I wanted to meet. Who should emerge, LAURA! This store is on my why to and from work, and I will likely continue a near daily visit to the Turnip Truck. The food/ingredients I want which are local within 100 miles, food cooked by Laura Wilson, and a real juice bar. I am in heaven.