Sunday, December 26, 2010

DJ’s Pub and Grub

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DJ’s Pub and Grub
3736 Annex Ave.

The West Charlotte Pike area is booming and for many of us it has become a new shopping destination thanks to Publix and Target. And nothing beats a Saturday afternoon post-shopping beer. With all the chain restaurants popping up, we’ve been hoping for some home grown bar variations. DJ’s Pub and Grub is well situated to fill that frothy need. It sits in the parking lot of the Big Lots store and just around the corner from Publix.

Inside you’ll find standard issue sports bar. It’s plenty comfortable to watch a game and the centerpiece is a long bar to rest your elbows, or even better pick up some bar food. Things start well on visit one with the grilled Juan’s Wings: sweet, spicy and a perfect partner for a beer. The roundsteak sandwich is just a fun name for grilled bologna. It’s served down home style on grilled white bread with cheese and mustard. Toss some kettle chips on the side and you have a good lunch.

The West Nashville Buffalo Sandwich is prepared in a hot chicken style, but the flavor is all hot buffalo sauce and it’s served as an open faced sandwich. For the buffalo chicken skewer version we found the meat to be a little chewy on one outing. Burgers are decent here- flattened and yet stocked high with reasonably fresh veggies. Crunch onion rings provide an adequate side. The chili proves to be also in the adequate range.

Veggie Eater: As with many sports bars, there are limited veggie friendly items here. On my first venture, I opted for the nachos with chili on the side for Meat Eater. Meat Eater stated the chili was ok. My nachos were also ok. The menu touts a famous cheese sauce and instead, it was stingily sprinkled with your generic Mexican melting cheese. The chips were not fresh fried. About the most interesting thing was the addition of diced green peppers. Bean cheese balls have some decent seasoning. On the second visit, I opted for the Reuben, hold the meat. This was at least a bit more satisfying, as the rye bread was well toasted and it was generously topped with kraut and cheese. The staff members were friendly and we watched the Wisconsin Badgers rout the opposing team.

Meat Eater: We paid $42 with tax and tip on one visit and $45 on another visit.
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edKing said...

Tuesday is 'HOT CHICKEN DAY'...surprisingly VERY good. I just wish they had better sides. Also, the Muffeletta is a good choice. Sort of a dark atmosphere, in my opinion.

Eric and Katie said...

Ed: It is very bar-y, and we're with you about the lackluster sides. I'm told the catfish is pretty decent and there is some kind of all you can eat deal.

Kira said...

The H and I hit the catfish all-you-can-eat deal on Friday night a few weeks ago. The catfish was quite good and freshly fried, as were the hushpuppies. I found the coleslaw pretty good, but the beans that came on the side were right out of the can.

Eric and Katie said...

Thanks for the update Kira...that will definitely put it on our list for an upcoming Friday night!

edking said...

DJ's now does 'meat & 3' style, home cooked lunches Mon-Fri. I was blown away...everything they make is fresh and outstanding. I was real happy to put this place near the top of my lunch list because they're just down the street from where I live. FINALLY!!! Whoever is doing the cooking knows their stuff.