Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Far East Nashville Veggie Update

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Far East Nashville Veggie Update

What better antidote for the post-Thanksgiving blahs than a warm bowl of pho. We landed at Far East Nashville for lunch on Friday. You may remember that the original review was a Meat Eater only excursion. Now, the Vietnamese restaurant has an entire vegetarian section on the growing menu (still rather modest next to the other Vietnamese joints in town.) Green vegetable stir fry; bamboo, mushroom and tofu; and fish sauce grilled eggplant grace the menu.

Veggie Eater: The veggie section of the menu is a welcome addition. My green vegetable stir fry warmed me up on this cold fall day. The greens were slightly bitter and in a mildly hot sauce. The tofu was a happy vehicle to absorb the sauce. Not sure if the fish sauce grilled egg plant (which is listed on the veggie section of the menu) uses a vegetarian fish sauce (there really is such a thing). We inquired about vegetarian pho and were sadly told that efforts to add this menu item have been scrapped in the current space, as the kitchen is simply too small to accommodate completely separate preparation of a veggie version. There is some discussion about perhaps another location being added in the Vandy area and if so, this space would be larger to allow them to add more veggie items, including veggie pho. There are not any veggie apps, but for the fish eaters of the world there is a shrimp fresh roll which is served with a delightfully thick, sweet, and savory peanut sauce. He promises they will be adding more items to the vegetarian menu soon.

Meat Eater: It was good to get back here again. The traditional meat pho broth is still delicate and onion-y and featured nicely seasoned beef balls. The thin noodles are served al dente and are quite good. We paid $30 with tax and tip on this visit.


Tennessee Carpet Cleaning said...
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Joell said...

Sounds like progress is being made! Yay! And a location in the Vandy area would be way more convenient for me--it's a bummer, but I only get to East Nashville two or three times a year.

Laura said...

You can order the fresh roll with tofu and they will leave out the shrimp!! :)

Eric and Katie said...

Laura: Thanks for reminding folks about the tofu substitutions- they are really good about that. Joell- we'd like to see what they could do with a larger kitchen...that could be pretty exciting.

matt said...

I am sorry but Far East is a poor representation of Vietnamese cuisine.

kristenly said...

awesome. i've been waiting for a place in nashville to have veggie pho for years. thanks for the update